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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

jQuery Help Popups May 24

Simple jQuery help popups / tooltips interface tutorial system. Shows help message near selected element and remembers open / close status.

Photo Rotator jQuery plugin Jul 13

Easy to use photo rotator jQuery plugin with transitions and navigation controls

Thumbnail Gallery jQuery plugin Jul 13

jQuery plugin for simple slideshow gallery with thumbnails

jQuery Product and News Slider Jan 30

A Jquery news slider that shows news/products in a fancy and highly customizable way.

jQuery URL Animator Nov 12

jQuery plugin that lets you create simple text animations and display them in the browser address bar using so-called hash tag

Background-size for IE with jQuery Jun 3

A jQuery cssHook adding support for "background-size:cover;" and "background-size:contain;" to Internet Explorer 6-7-8, in 1.5Kb (minimized)

Inline TinyMCE May 20

The powerful TinyMCE wrapper allows you convert every element to TinyMCE editable content. See the changes the moment you type

jIM: jQuery Image Magnifier Oct 1

Image magnification / zoom component with a bunch of possible configurations.

YouTube JS API integration Dec 8

Integrate youtube videos in to your website with simple Java Script, HTML and CSS.

SwinxyZoom Jan 7

SwinxyZoom is a jQuery 1.7+ Image Zoom plugin with variable zoom levels, smooth animations and excellent browser, touch and mobile device compatibility.

Select-a-licious Feb 22

Select-a-licious allows site owners and developers easily create searchable, styled dropdowns for their websites.

Conference Core iOS for HTML5 PhoneGap Jul 10

Great starting point when your client needs an event / conference app for iOS devices using the PhoneGap framework. Provides event goers with a schedule, speaker list, maps and more by loading a pre-populated database.