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Real Estate App Design Template for iOS8 Dec 8

Build the next Trulia application with this real estate iOS8 design template. Package includes Xcode sample app, documentation and original PSD files.

Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit for 2D RPG / Platformer Games Sep 27

Easily create side, top-down or isometric viewed Role Playing Games for iOS devices using just a Property-List and Tiled.

Touch timeout Sep 14

Kiosk timer monitors device for touch so the app can be reset to the initial view whenever not in use. The demo resets to a signup form which users must fill out to gain access to the app but you can use any view you want.

Bhima - Secure Save Framework for iOS Oct 10

Provide 100% protection against File Substitution Hacks

Cricket - Single Touch Sports game for iOS Oct 20

An innovative game that challenges the player’s batting skills. It features an impressive balling system that will trouble player every time in order to play a perfect shot.

Tube Music PRO - Free mp3 Downloader & Player for SoundCloud Oct 30

The source-code for search, discover and download music from SoundCloud.

LMGaugeView Oct 31

LMGaugeView is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS. The main purpose of the control is to display a gauge, such as a speedometer or a loading indicator.

Memory Animals Sounds Nov 5

A memory game template for iOS built on the SpriteKit Framework, complete with sound effects, ad integration, in-app purchases and customizable graphics.

Speed Alphabet Nov 6

A speed game template for iOS built on the SpriteKit Framework, complete with ad integration, in-app purchases and customizable graphics.

Event App Starter Kit for iOS with Wordpress Backend Nov 18

Build an Event application using this app template, which uses Wordpress as a backend. The package includes the implementation of the template, source code and the original PSD files.

Events App Starter Kit for iOS Nov 30

An iOS 8-optimized events app starter kit with a backend built on Parse.

Progress Image View - A progress bar with silhouettes Dec 1

A simple progress view for iOS that fills in image silhouettes and text with color.