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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

Badges View for iOS

Badges View, a component to show badges everywhere on your application

Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for iOS

A slingshot game starterkit, in the mold of Angry Birds and other variations. Includes an easy to customize XCode and Cocos2D project plus access to high definition video documentation.


Automatically parse any kind of key/value representation to an object. Such as JSON, XML, PLIST and more. Easy to use and to customize.

Video Player SDK for iOS

A multifunction video player that supports most audio and video formats via SMB / CIF, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Cloud Services, with support for popular streaming protocols.

Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit

The Story Tellers iOS Starter Kit will help you publish an interactive children's book, sticker app, puzzle app, quiz (or any number of other type apps) with ZERO programming.

Table View Pagination Stand Alone Module Mar 9

FLTableViewPagination is a module that encapsulates server request (or other data sources) for pagination, including infinite scrolling.

Events App Starter Kit for iOS Nov 30

An iOS 8-optimized events app starter kit with a backend built on Parse.