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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

Line-Drawing Game Starterkit Nov 7

Build a line-drawing game for iOS such as Flight Control with this starterkit. Fully commented and documented Objective-C source-code gives you a base to work from and walks you through the process..

Vault Breaker Puzzle Game Starter Kit Feb 11

Build your own logic puzzle game in minutes with the complete source code and media asset files of the popular "Vault Breaker" game for the iPhone / iPad.

Photo Booth Source Code (Mustache Bash) Oct 11

Mustache Bash is a full-featured photo booth app that have gotten over 640,000 downloads in the App Store and averaged 4.5 stars over 830 reviews and ratings. Creating a new photo booth app using the source code is easy for a junior programmer and doesn't require much time.

UIDynamics Helpers Oct 3

This set of classes will save you hours of time when working with Collision Systems, allowing you to set up and test complicated collision boundaries in no time flat. This package contains MFLAlphaCollision and MFLBoundaryPreview, a class to create complicated boundary systems and a class to debug complicated boundary systems. Also contained here are examples of many different forms of UIDynamics for you to learn from.

Transforming Scoreboard for iOS Nov 20

Unique transforming scoreboard, countdown and clock for usage in your iOS apps.

Angry Hippo iOS Source Code Dec 6

Angry Hippo is universal iOS app. With this project you can create two versions of the game - full version and lite version with in-app purchases.

Tongue Twisters! iOS 7 Storyboard Universal iPhone iPad Jan 15

The source of a tongue-twister application that appear randomly or in a UITableView, with the ability to share them on Facebook and Twitter. It is a universal app designed for both the iPhone and the iPad.

4 Pics - 1 Statement Game Kit for iOS Jan 24

4 pics 1 statement for iOS is a starter kit written in Objective-C and largely inspired by the famous application "4 pics 1 word", which allows the player to guess a picture out of 4 options presented on the screen. The starter kit includes documentation and the Xcode project as well as resources for both the iPhone and iPad.

Bird Flap Game Starter Kit Mar 11

Easy to reskin and customise - Bird Flap Challenge Game Starter Kit allows you to create a unique 'Flappy Bird'-style game for iPhone, in minutes!

Crappy Bird - Flappy Bird Skin Apr 19

This is a fully functional Flappy Bird Reskin App for an iOS Universal App called Crappy Bird. This is so easy to reskin, even people without programming experience could do it!

Space Debris! Flappy Style Mac Game with GameCenter and SpriteKit Mar 31

The complete source to the Space Debris Mac App (Flappy Bird Style Game). Utilizes customizable graphics, audio, easy customization for every aspect of the game. GameCenter Integration (Leaderboards and Achievements).

Reversi - Universal iOS App + iAd + AdBuddiz Apr 1

The Reversi puzzle game as a Universal iOS App (iPhone & iPad). The source to the full game, with multiple Ad placements (banner and interstitial).