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Python Open-Source Projects

Python is a dynamic, higher level language, that promotes code readability through its syntax and design. It is used primarily for web development, but also found in desktop applications and game development.

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Merengue Feb 12

Merengue CMS, a Django based CMS on steroids

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Askbot Feb 4

Askbot is a Q & A forum inspired by StackOverflow, written in Python and Django

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django-qbe Jan 27

Admin tool in order to get custom reports. The objective of django-qbe is provide a assited and interactive way of making complex queries with no technical knowledge (or minimal) to get custom reports from the objects of Django models. Based on QBE proposal from IBM®, django-qbe is intended to remove the limitations of Django QuerySets objects and to use the whole expresive power of the subjacent SQL.

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