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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

PHP Mobile Detector

MobileDetector is a script that will detect if the user is an agent and if possible the mobile type.

Neo Youtube Plugin

Neo Youtube Plugin, use simple PHP code to dynamically add videos to your website!


panelJAX enables you to rapidly build rich async-enabled web-sites.


Join the NoSql movement with this library by using neo4j, a high-performance, powerful and flexible graph database. This library wraps all of the REST API methods and make it simple to build a graph-based web applications in .net

Name Maker - Stylish Name Writing on Pictures For iOS App source code May 28

This Stylish Name Maker app will surely steal your hearts whenever you are looking to write names on pictures, bracelets or lockets in cool styles.

Live Weather Forecast Jun 8

Scrolling weather forecast news with automatic ip geo location .

PHP Survey Script Jun 9

Fully featured web solution allows you to create online surveys and polls, send them to participants, collects and analyze responses.

uHotelBooking - Hotel Booking PHP Script Jun 16

uHotelBooking - hotel management, reservation and online booking system for all types of accommodations and hotel operations

Youtube Tile Plugin Jun 20

jQuery YouTube Tile plugin

uBusinessDirectory - Business Directory PHP Script Jun 23

uBusinessDirectory - fully-featured web solution for business listings, classifieds directory and yellow pages website

uAutoDealers - Auto Classifieds And Dealers Script Jun 30

uAutoDealers is one of the best one-size-fits-all solutions for any car dealer who are looking to bring their business online. This script is the fully functional PHP solution that allows to create infinite pages for listings, easily modify data fields, and customize your services to suit your needs. This PHP based classifieds system and inventory software is endlessly customizable and easy to maintain.

Hash Converter Jul 1

A software complete source code that converts any string to some of the most used cryptography algorithms.