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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

Fitness App Design Template for iOS8 Dec 8

Fitness app is an iOS8 template combining the best features from top fitness apps. Get a functional native code base, eye-catching beautiful artwork with excellent UX and icon artwork. Includes original PSD files, documentation and a sample Xcode project.

iOS VideoKit https://iosvideokit.com Jan 15

VideoKit is a powerful video playing and streaming framework for iOS developers developed in Objective-C. It supports playing local & remote files (mkv, divx, xvid, ogg, vorbis and more) and streaming popular protocols & formats (mms, http, rtsp, rtmp, rtp, mjpeg).

Chat App Design Template for iOS8 in Swift Dec 8

Build a messaging application using this design template. Package includes Xcode sample app, documentation and original PSD files.

Coloring Bundle - 36 Coloring Pages for iOS Dec 18

Build your own coloring app for the iPhone and iPad with this coloring bundle starter-kit. Includes a simple and clean UI, multiple brush sizes and 17 different colors. Updated for iOS8.

PHPStrongV - PHP Data Types Dec 24

A lightweight PHP library that provides object-oriented, method driven and (optionally) strongly typed common data types for PHP.

Custom Sitemap WordPress Plugin Jan 8

A WordPress plugin for creating custom sitemaps, with support for custom links, categories, pages, posts and more.

PHP IMAP parser (IMAP class) Jan 8

A PHP class for handling email operations via IMAP. Parse IMAP mailboxes and messages, as well as read and write emails.

PHP Price parser class Jan 10

Parse product prices and names from any website using just a URL with this PHP class.

Chatter - iOS 8 Chat App Jan 10

A basic instant messenger app for iPhone optimized for iOS 8, which uses Parse as a free backend.

JSocial Jan 26

A Joomla component that links your website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

JEvent Calendar Jan 26

A Joomla component that allows users to view a list of upcoming events.

JustChat-Android Chat App Template Jan 30

A layout template for an Android messenger app built with native code, as well as a UI and color scheme similar to WhatsApp.