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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

JSignature Aug 8

JSignature is a JavaScript library for adding a signature pad field into HTML form.

Social Media Management Software Jul 1

Social media marketing open source software solution.

startMe - iOS 7+ Social Network Jun 24

startMe is the first social network project like Instagram or Twitter.

SistevProcess Jul 7

SistevProcess is a tool to create web applications by dragging and dropping a workspace components

Ajax Add to Cart with Image Floating Effect Jun 23

Simplifying the product purchase process is the best way to retain, and satisfy customers at an e-commerce store. Given the plethora of options available at the several online stores, the simplicity of the shopping process is one of the prime reasons that make customers stick to a particular website for their shopping needs. Compatible with magento 1.5 and above.

Codespire Dokumen - Responsive Markdown Viewer Jun 29

Dokumen is drop-in Markdown document viewer, with minimal setup you can create a beautiful document site from Markdown document and upload it online or use in your application distribution.

3D Cylindrical Gallery with Admin Panel Jun 23

WebGL based 3D customizable gallery with a dedicated admin panel

Boulevard - A customizable showcase for your music Jun 27

A customizable showcase for your music that works on every screen. Boulevard is a jQuery plugin that's easy to customize and has an extensive API.

MGSpotyViewController Jul 1

Beautiful viewController with a tableView and amazing effects like a viewController in the Spotify app.

MGConferenceDatePicker Jul 1

MGConferenceDatePicker is an object which extends a UIView furnishing a very nice type of data picker.

Skater Dave - Cross-platform Starter Kit Jul 21

The complete source code and media asset files of the 2D Skater Physics Game "Skater Dave - Downhill Skating" for iPhone / iPad / Mac / Ouya / Android.

Jigsaw Bundle for iOS - 108 Puzzles Jul 30

A Fun learning Puzzle game for Toddlers, Kindergarten, Preschool, Kids, girls and boys. Comes with 36 beautiful Puzzle scenes for kids designed with lot of care & 3 difficulty modes of 4,6 and 9 pieces.