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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

Table View Pagination Stand Alone Module Mar 9

FLTableViewPagination is a module that encapsulates server request (or other data sources) for pagination, including infinite scrolling.

Photo Decorator iOS Starter Kit Mar 5

An iOS app starterkit that allows you to decorate photos with various kinds of stickers.

Work Calendar Mar 1

WorkCalendar is working calendar (or business calendar) algorithm for .Net framework, give a start time and duration(such as 10 hours or 30 minutes) then it calculate the end time skip the non-working time such as saturday, sunday and holidays.

4 Pics - 1 Statement Game Kit for iOS Jan 24

4 pics 1 statement for iOS is a starter kit written in Objective-C and largely inspired by the famous application "4 pics 1 word", which allows the player to guess a picture out of 4 options presented on the screen. The starter kit includes documentation and the Xcode project as well as resources for both the iPhone and iPad.

CSV Multiple Images Import for Magento Jan 29

A Magento extension that allows you to import multiple images during product import via CSV

Bird Flap Game Starter Kit Mar 11

Easy to reskin and customise - Bird Flap Challenge Game Starter Kit allows you to create a unique 'Flappy Bird'-style game for iPhone, in minutes!

IQKeyboardManager Mar 4

IQKeyboardManager to manage UIKeyboard and UITextField distance.

IQDatabaseManager Feb 25

CoreData helper classes with convenience methods

Data Distribution Service for QuantLib Feb 27

QLDDS is an open source project that simplifies the use of QuantLib in the distributed environment via OpenDDS

Quick Alphabetical Search in Magento Mar 18

A Magento extension that allows you to create a quick Alphabetic search bar on your website for quick product search

Word Slider for iOS Mar 21

Word Slider is iOS word search game for iPhone and iPad, with support for iOS 7. It supports 8 languages and has built in Game Center and Banners for your ads.

AirDrop and Social Sharing - Universal iOS App Mar 26

Integrate image and text sharing in your iOS app, via AirDrop and other channels including Twitter, Facebook and Mail.