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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

ReturnMagazine for iOS Sep 8

An highly optimized PDF's downloader/viewer framework for iPhone and iPad, designed for Magazine and Catalog apps.

Texture Atlasing Jul 24

Suitable for batching textures at run-time in a game or other hardware accelerated app.

PHP Book Search Engine Jul 29

A PHP Book search engine with preview and buy options. Book results can be sorted and paginated.

Memorization and Education iOS App Starter Kit Jul 23

Objective-C starter-kit for building memory based learning apps. Easily customized database (plist file) and beautiful iCarousel effect.

Jewelry Product Configurator for Magento Aug 1

A Magento extension that allows costumers to build their own jewelry, most commonly rings and diamonds. Rings come in different sizes, metals, etc (engagement rings, wedding rings, more). Diamonds come in different colors, prices, clarity, cuts, etc (loose diamonds, colored diamonds, more).

IT Repair Services for Magento Aug 6

IT Repair Services module for Magento - an effective online solution for stores that provide hardware repair (PC, laptop, phone) services.

Android Battery Widget Aug 7

The Java source of a battery widget for the Android home screen.

Events and Activities for iOS Sep 4

Events and Activities for iOS is a component for presenting events in your iOS application with a simple yet beautiful user interface. The package includes a sample app with fully implemented graphics and server side implementation.

jQuery Notifications Plugin Sep 25

Notify is a beautiful, easily integratable and flexible jquery plugin which allows you to easily show notifications of various types to your users

UIDynamics Helpers Oct 3

This set of classes will save you hours of time when working with Collision Systems, allowing you to set up and test complicated collision boundaries in no time flat. This package contains MFLAlphaCollision and MFLBoundaryPreview, a class to create complicated boundary systems and a class to debug complicated boundary systems. Also contained here are examples of many different forms of UIDynamics for you to learn from.

Finance App Design Template for iOS7 Oct 3

Gorgeous iOS 7 style (Flat) App design template with specific screens for your next Finance app. UI design and sample code included.

Money Social Design Template for iOS8 Oct 3

Money Social is an iOS7 template with a fantastic foundation to build your social app from. With inspiration from Facebook, Pinterest and other social apps, this template has a range of cool features that build and run straight away in xCode. Includes original PSD files, documentation and a sample Xcode project.