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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

PAGI Sep 16

PAGI is an object oriented agi client that provides many abstraction levels (including the concept of application) to easily improve agi applications

FSCAuth Aug 2

A fast, secure, concise, and yet, complete authentication implementation in ASP.Net

Glossy Button for iOS Oct 6

Beautiful & professional looking push button control for iPhone & iPad apps.

nginx redislog module Aug 26

An nginx module for logging http requests into Redis database.

U-Streams Jul 29

A C library to intercept and redirect UNIX stdin, stdout & stderr streams to multiple destinations. An unlimited number of user-defined write streams may also be created for multiple destination output and onward processing.

GTK+ Widget State Manager Jul 20

A GTK+ Widget State Manager (WSM) that elegantly handles all Management of Widget States (Visible, Editable, or Sensitive) based on the User Interface state of a GTK+ GUI application.

iOS Cappucino Business App Design Template Jul 24

Make your app more professional and elegant. Develop on your own way but with this stunning and easy to customize design template.

RSS Reader For iPhone Sep 3

Simple and speedy RSS reader with no server-side code. All the work is done on the app side. Sample app included!

FileSelector for Android Sep 17

File \ Folder Selection component for Android projects

Lucene full-text search Framework for Android Sep 24

Lucene full-text search Framework for Android offers a rapid way to integrate and manage full text search in Android by using the best open source full-featured text search engine library – Lucene.

jIM: jQuery Image Magnifier Oct 1

Image magnification / zoom component with a bunch of possible configurations.

Suggestion List Oct 7

A pluggable drop-down suggestion list primarily built for Swing text fields.