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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

MTDirectionsKit Feb 6

Let your iOS App guide you wherever you want and show directions directly on top of MKMapView.

Shmoopi Anti-Piracy Library Mar 9

The Shmoopi Anti-Piracy Library is a static objective-c library that incorporates seamlessly into your iOS application to detect and protect against piracy and cracking. The library was designed from the ground up to identify which users are running your application without paying and prevent automated scripts from decrypting and debugging your applications.

Vault Breaker Puzzle Game Starter Kit Feb 11

Build your own logic puzzle game in minutes with the complete source code and media asset files of the popular "Vault Breaker" game for the iPhone / iPad.

SwinxyZoom Jan 7

SwinxyZoom is a jQuery 1.7+ Image Zoom plugin with variable zoom levels, smooth animations and excellent browser, touch and mobile device compatibility.

SimpleXML Parser Jan 30

Parse XMLs into dictionaries with Objective-C in Mac / iOS

Google Maps Address Manager Feb 7

Embed Google Maps with a pre-built marker manager, perfect for mapping customers or business locations. Includes map and marker manager!

WordPress Customize Pro Feb 9

Customize every aspect of your WordPress back-end, including menus, dashboard, login page, css, page options, and post options.

Sky Hero iOS Parallax Game Starter Kit Feb 25

Complete scrolling game starter with tiled map and joystick integration for iPhone.

Select-a-licious Feb 22

Select-a-licious allows site owners and developers easily create searchable, styled dropdowns for their websites.

MFLHintLabel - Animated Character Label Mar 3

MFLHintLabel gives you a whole set of animations that manipulate the individual characters in your text in order to present eye catching notifications, tips, and alerts to your users.

ScrollChartView Apr 5

ScrollPlotControl provides users with an intuitive and easy to use data-frame picker tool. Featuring 2D data visualization it allows users to scroll the borders of the interval to get a specific statistic in between the selected values.

Qcart Feedback Apr 9

This addon allows the cart admin to publish polls based on specific criteria on custom timings and events. Collect valuable feedback on your cart.