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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

PAGI Sep 16

PAGI is an object oriented agi client that provides many abstraction levels (including the concept of application) to easily improve agi applications

Line-Drawing Game Starterkit Nov 7

Build a line-drawing game for iOS such as Flight Control with this starterkit. Fully commented and documented Objective-C source-code gives you a base to work from and walks you through the process..

Glossy Button for iOS Oct 6

Beautiful & professional looking push button control for iPhone & iPad apps.

nginx redislog module Aug 26

An nginx module for logging http requests into Redis database.

RSS Reader For iPhone Sep 3

Simple and speedy RSS reader with no server-side code. All the work is done on the app side. Sample app included!

FileSelector for Android Sep 17

File \ Folder Selection component for Android projects

Lucene full-text search Framework for Android Sep 24

Lucene full-text search Framework for Android offers a rapid way to integrate and manage full text search in Android by using the best open source full-featured text search engine library – Lucene.

jIM: jQuery Image Magnifier Oct 1

Image magnification / zoom component with a bunch of possible configurations.

Photoshop View Oct 20

Photoshop mirror app. Full source code for PS View app (on AppStore). Download it from the AppStore for a test drive

Suggestion List Oct 7

A pluggable drop-down suggestion list primarily built for Swing text fields.

MyTreeTableView Dec 1

Displays interactive tree hierarchy with animated collapse and expand events. Ca be used as accordions.

YouTube JS API integration Dec 8

Integrate youtube videos in to your website with simple Java Script, HTML and CSS.