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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

jQuery Help Popups May 24

Simple jQuery help popups / tooltips interface tutorial system. Shows help message near selected element and remembers open / close status.

FSCAuth Aug 2

A fast, secure, concise, and yet, complete authentication implementation in ASP.Net

Background-size for IE with jQuery Jun 3

A jQuery cssHook adding support for "background-size:cover;" and "background-size:contain;" to Internet Explorer 6-7-8, in 1.5Kb (minimized)

Inline TinyMCE May 20

The powerful TinyMCE wrapper allows you convert every element to TinyMCE editable content. See the changes the moment you type

iOS Rubber Image May 21

An OpenGLES1 rubber image manipulation component in C++ with Objective-C example for iOS.

Self Design Arrow View for iOS Jun 4

LTArrow is an easy to use derivated UIView that designs an pretty arrow on itself. Several parameters can be changed for it to be personalized at max.

MarqueeView (Scrolling Marquee for iOS) Jun 13

Easily create fully customizable, auto-scrolling, infinitely looping marquees with any custom content you want. Great for building scrolling galleries, news tickers and auto-scrolling taglines.

iOS survey alerts with Parse.com framework Jun 11

Provides a simple API class for setting up UIAlerts to survey users. Alerts are updated dynamically from an online plist, and can post results to Parse.com, alert your users to news about your app or take them to a URL.

iOS Filter Control Jun 24

An iOS Filter UIControl Subclass. Zero Graphics. Highly Customizable.

U-Streams Jul 29

A C library to intercept and redirect UNIX stdin, stdout & stderr streams to multiple destinations. An unlimited number of user-defined write streams may also be created for multiple destination output and onward processing.

GTK+ Widget State Manager Jul 20

A GTK+ Widget State Manager (WSM) that elegantly handles all Management of Widget States (Visible, Editable, or Sensitive) based on the User Interface state of a GTK+ GUI application.

iOS Cappucino Business App Design Template Jul 24

Make your app more professional and elegant. Develop on your own way but with this stunning and easy to customize design template.