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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

General use matrix class NxM dimensions Aug 29

A general and extensible matrix class made to handle any dimensions with speed yet providing flexibility, ease of use and portability.

PHP Search Keyword Detector Oct 9

Use PHP Search Keyword Detector to detect what search engine your visitors used to reach you and with what keywords.

LX Adjust Field Sep 2

An easy way to create "adjust fields" in your forms - numeric values that can be adjusted (increased and decreased) dynamically using plus and minus buttons.

Translation Component Sep 20

A PHP component that allows you to quickly add multiple language support to your website. Bring in the international crowd today!

Abstract XmlRpc Server Sep 21

Create an XML-RPC server inside any PHP project with a one-liner! automatically generates client class as well.

.Net calendar with advanced functionality Oct 29

Calendar user controls with advanced functionality for .Net projects

iOS Star Rating Nov 1

A star based rating component for iOS

jQuery URL Animator Nov 12

jQuery plugin that lets you create simple text animations and display them in the browser address bar using so-called hash tag

.Net AJAX Image Gallery Nov 9

Image gallery with AJAX support for loading additional image asynchronously.

AsyncMvp Nov 22

Asynchronous message-based module system base on an MVP template

mediaCache Nov 26

mediaCache lets you put image, audio and video resources in a dynamic cache for offline use.

Like 2 Show Dec 2

Like 2 Show is a Joomla module that helps you increase the number of Facebook fans by requiring visitors to press 'Like' to view content.