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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

DotNet Transform Image Jul 26

Resize, scale, crop and flip image transforms are easy with DotNet Transform Image. Just pass through POST form values to this component and it will create your transformed image automatically.

Zoned Shipping Jul 19

A magento shipping module that offers consider different custom options to calculate weight of packages and the price of shipping.

Inline Content Management Aug 1

Add quick access to content management while browsing your website

Anubis PHPCards Jul 13

A quick and easy way to add a deck of cards to any project

Photo Rotator jQuery plugin Jul 13

Easy to use photo rotator jQuery plugin with transitions and navigation controls

Thumbnail Gallery jQuery plugin Jul 13

jQuery plugin for simple slideshow gallery with thumbnails

Anubis CPPCards Jul 14

A card deck and card class framework to make your card game easier to develop

Arbitrary-precision Decimal Class with Arithmetic Methods Jul 24

A C++ class for arithmetic operations on arbitrary-precision values

Artificial Neural Network Framework Jul 25

An ANSI C framework for creating and using artificial neural networks.

Anubis PHPSlots with Odds Verifier Jul 28

A slot game framework that is easy to use, simple to customize and fun to play

Benchmark Testing Framework Aug 6

Get your app faster and more scalable with the quickest easiest solution for benchmark testing in PHP.

Domain name class Aug 6

A domain name encapsulation class for servers, resolver implementations and other domain-name handling applications.