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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

MathUtilities May 25

A small math-class which can convert degrees to radials and vice versa. It also can calculate the distance between two objects.

Tatiana - IRC Ttranslate Bot May 6

Quickly IRC message translate bot. Supports all languages supported by Google Translate.

InjectionDetection May 10

Helps stop unwanted users accessing a database through a short piece of text

Input Validator May 9

Validate input for type and correctness using PHP

URLite - Your own short URLs May 18

URLite v1.2 allows users to generate shorter URLs, based on their OWN domain names. If you are interested in personalizing everything, this tool is made for you.

jQuery Easy Gallery May 15

Easy to set image gallery with a sliding cursor indicating the current image.

Thumbnail Action Helper May 15

A thumbnail creation / display action helper for the Zend Framework

AJAX Contact Form May 21

Easy to configure and customize. Fast form submission. Tooltips fadeIn effect. Cross-browser compatible!

String Math Expression Calculator May 26

Calculates string math expressions from user input or other sources. Includes calculator UI component for out of the box usefulness.

ImageZoom May 20

A component that lets you magnify external images.

Pool Game Engine May 22

A pool engine to build pool games on. Modular, structured code that can be easily extended and modified.

ActionScript 3 Tools May 23

Useful simple functions for everyday flashers