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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

iOS Video View

Video View is a UIView for playing, recording or downloading a video. The video can be played in a window or full-screen. This package includes full source code and a working demo.

User Class

Complete User Management and Authentication php class

Easy PHP Cart

A simple OOP PHP shopping cart for adding and removing products.

iOS Pie Chart

Simple and easy control to present data in the form of a pie chart.

Node Calendar

A lightweight & fast calendar. Built on top of Node.JS & CouchDb. Using jQuery to manage the front-end.

MealParser - MealMaster file parser

MealMaster file format parser and importer for PHP

iOS Circular Progress Bar

Simple and easy control to present percentage based information and progression.

PDF SDK for Android

Adds a PDF Reader and Viewer support to your Android application.

UIWebView & VideoPlayer Native Extension for iOS AIR mobile

An iOS native extension for Adobe AIR that provides a native video player and customizable web view. No more hacking StageWebView with unsatisfying results.

E-Course Maker iOS Starter Kit

E-Course Maker is the premium starter kit to easily create fully-featured iPad e-course apps without writing a single line of code. No coding required - demo projects included, are easy to customize and ready to deploy.

FTP Kit for iOS and OS X

A fast and easy-to-use Objective-C client library for connecting with FTP servers in iOS and OS X apps.

2048 Game

This starterkit will allow you to create a 2048 game for Android. Package includes graphic assets, source code and documentation.