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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

PHP QRcode Generator

QR Code image generator using Google Charts API. Generate QR images with custom properties and save, embed and download it on the fly.

iOS Image Editing Component

A standalone image editing component for iOS that can be incorporated into your own app or expanded upon. Includes drawing, camera function, image filters and effects.

Advanced iOS button

A drop-in replacement for the default UIButton - create glossy, 3D buttons with ease, customize shadow and gloss effects and apply any color combination to create gradients without images. Now Supports ARC and Auto Layout.

Puzzle Game Starter Kit and Tutorial for iOS

Learn and build an iPhone or iPad puzzle / board game with the complete source of a published game and with a step-by-step eBook that covers the basics all the way to a finished game.

iPhone and iPad product inventory, order builder

Native Catalog for iOS is a universal native application providing a catalog and shopping cart functionality for iOS devices. Package includes the source code, documentation and graphic assets.


CCKFNavDrawer is a custom navigationController implementing sliding menu on IOS, which aims to provide "Android Navigation Drawer" for implementation in IOS apps.

Jurassic App - Photo Decoration Universal iOS App

The source and tutorial of Jurassic App, a photo decoration app available on the appstore.

Chat App Design Template for Android

Build a messaging application using this design template. Package includes the implementation of the design template, apk package, source code and the original PSD files.

no2048 - the 2048 game clone

The closest clone to 2048. A complete addictive 2048 game experience packed with additional game modes & themes. Package includes documentation and the source code.

Simple jQuery Store Locator

This store locator is a jQuery plugin you can fully integrate in your website, with your design and with your backend.

Shurikens Game Template for iOS

Shurikens is a game template that integrates the SpriteKit Framework. Source code includes documentation and graphic assets.

Obstacle Jumper Starter Kit for iOS

A jumping game template for iOS built on the SpriteKit Framework, complete with sound effects, ad integration, in-app purchases and customizable graphics.