Marketplace Commissions

Marketplace sales have different commissions rates compared to selling on your own store.

License Sale - 30%

License sales through the marketplace carry a 30% commission (no exclusivity required).

Custom service provided - 10%

Publishers can provide custom services for clients manually and with our quote request flow. Custom services originating in the marketplace carry a 10% commission off the total amount.


You can connect your own payment methods, including Paypal and Stripe, to receive payments immediately when the client is charged on the marketplace. To publish products on the marketplace, you must connect at least a Paypal account in order to allow clients to purchase products from multiple publishers at the same time.

Selling on your own store

You can publish your products on your own store in addition to or instead of on the marketplace. Sales on your own store carry a much lower commission, starting at 10% for the free plan and going as low as 0.5% for the top tier plan. Learn more