Frequently Asked Questions

?What is Binpress?

Binpress is a discovery service and marketplace for source-code components. We bridge the gap between open-source and commercial software, improving the process of software development.

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?What is a "source-code component"?

A component is a self-contained piece of code that solves a common problem / need and can be used in multiple scenarios. All software products and services share many common features or processes, and a component encapsulates those.

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?How do you publish components on Binpress?

Sign-up and click on the 'Become a publisher' button in your dashboard after logging-in. Be sure to read the information on that page thoroughly to know what we expect from you before activating your publisher account.

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?What qualifies as a component on Binpress?

Any piece of code that is not trivial to implement (snippets are not components) and answers our definition above can be a component on Binpress. After submission, components go through a review process that make sure it meets our publishing guidelines and standards. Make sure to go over the guidelines guide before submitting a component, in order to save yourself time and frustration. If you intend to publish a component, we recommend you go over existing components for the language / category you intend to publish in and familiarize yourself with the content structure, licensing and pricing.

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?Under what license can I publish components?

You can license your component under either an open-source license or a commercial license created using our license generator. The license generator contains various options you can customize to create a license that fits your needs. Make sure you own all the copyright for the code you intend to publish, or have a license (such as an open-source license) that allows you do so.

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?I have an issue with a component, how can I receive support?

You can receive support from the developer of the component by visiting the component page and clicking on the 'Issues' tab. Make sure to log-in with the account that was created for you when you purchased / downloaded the component, to allow the developer to verify you are a license holder.

Note: note that not all licenses provide support. If you purchased a license without support, it would be up to the developer whether to provide it.

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?How do I receive a refund for a purchase I made?

Please contact us and state your account name, the name of the component and the transaction ID that you want refunded (you have that information in your account).

Please provide the reason for the refund when you contact us. We try to accommodate requests made during the money-back period (14 day from purchase date), but we need to confirm there is an actual reason for the refund.

Valid reasons for refunds include: component does not work as described (please elaborate), component is missing advertised feature, component does not work for your configuration, component purchased by mistake.

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?What are the fees paid to Binpress for component sales?

We take a commission of 30% out of each sale made on Binpress - this includes processing fees and often affiliate fees. We want to be a part of the success of our developers - we do not charge any kind of fee for publishing on the service. To read more about how we determined the commission rate, click here.

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?Who are we?

Binpress is a 500startups backed company based in Mountain View, CA. Our team members have been providing software development services for close a decade and decided to band together to increase the adoption of open-source in SMBs and enterprise and help create new open-source.

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?Contact us

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, or you want to send us feedback / suggestions or any other kind of correspondence, please use the contact form or send us an Email to We appreciate and value your input.

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