Curation and standards

We try to maintain a high level of quality for products published on our marketplace, for the benefit of our publishers and customers. Please read this page carefully before submitting your product for marketplace publication.


Submission guidelines

What follows is what we look for in submissions:

  • Product Description An accurate and concise description of what the product does.
  • Documentation Installation and usage instructions. In the case of code products, source-code documentation and reference is expected.
  • Deliverables Please package all deliverables in an archive format if there is more than 1 file. Remove development files from the package, such as Git repositories, before uploading.
  • Copyright violations Please submit only products for which you own the copyright, or have permission to distribute. This includes stock photos and images (icons, logos are included) as well as copyrighted software and source-code.

How the review process works

  • When your product is ready for publication, submit it for review from the Distribution screen and it will enter the review queue.

  • Our review team will go over the product's content and deliverables.

  • The assigned reviewer will either publish the product if it meets our critera, or help you get it ready for publication.

  • In case the product is too far away from meeting our quality critera, it will be rejected outright.

Passing and failing quality review

  • Passing review

    After your product has been reviewed and passed all of the above criteria, you will receive an Email notification and your product will be published on the Binpress marketplace.

  • Soft rejections

    If there minor issues that need addressing, the reviewer will help you go over and fix any issues that were found during review. We also try to help you improve the marketing aspects of your product profile.

  • Rejections

    If the product does not meet our quality standards, it will be rejected for publication on the marketplace. You can still publish it on your own Binpress store.


Review Critera

Every products published on Binpress is checked for quality and standards. Our reviewers will inform you if you fail to meet any of critera, so please consider the following guidelines before submitting your product for approval:

Content guidelines

  • Product Description

    Describe what your product is and what does. Avoid using vague and fluffy terms, or addressing hypothetical non-issues. For example, "Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars" does not say anything about the product.

  • Screenshots and Videos

    Supporting media helps conveying what your product does, and showcase how it looks. Upload high-quality screenshots, and if possible add a video of your product in action.

  • Installation and usage instructions

    Provide all the information required to install and use your product, including system requirements.


Please submit only products and other digital assets that you hold the copyright for, or have permission from the copyright owner to distribute.

If you are not sure if you are allowed to publish a certain part of your product, contact the copyright holder or ask us about it during the review process.


  • Make sure to test your product works, as-is, out of the box, without special configuration (or otherwise detail that configuration in the documentation).
  • Remove all development files, including dumps, build files, versioning files (such as Git repositories).
  • Package all the deliverable files in an archive, such as ZIP or RAR.
  • Include relevant documentation in the package, for offline accessibility.

Publisher Profile

Set up your publisher profile before submitting your product.

  • Upload an avatar or logo that will represent you on the marketplace.
  • Add a short professional summary of yourself or your company.
  • Package all the deliverable files in an archive, such as ZIP or RAR.
  • Include relevant documentation in the package, for offline accessibility.
Set up publisher profile