Share Your Story on the Binpress Blog

Binpress helps thousands of creators sell their digital products online, and our blog provides insights to help fuel their growth and hone their skills. We’re looking for guest authors to share their knowledge of making and marketing digital goods.

What We’re Looking For

If you have unique experience or an interesting story to tell about your journey creating and selling digital products, from game development to e-book publishing, we’d love to publish it. Here are some examples of articles we’re looking for:

  • How to write marketing copy for apps, games and other digital products.
  • How to make your product stand out on digital marketplaces.
  • Case studies on successful ad campaigns for digital products.
  • Case studies on building a community around a digital product.
  • Postmortems of digital products launches.
  • Tips and tricks for running an email marketing campaign.

Why Write for Binpress?

We have a thriving and established community of digital creators that are eager to discuss how they can grow their business. If you have wisdom to share, publishing on our blog is a great opportunity to build your brand, get feedback and earn exposure for your products and company.

Become A Guest Author

Send an email to introducing yourself, your background and specific topics you’d like to write about. If you have writing samples handy, send some over as well. They can be posts on your personal blog, an unpublished piece or an article published somewhere else online.

We’ll send you an email to discuss terms and pay, as well as settle on a topic.