January 24 - February 24

Programming Contest

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What is it all about?

This contest is organized by Binpress - a marketplace for source-code, where developers can buy and sell source-code packages from each other. If you are a web developer and interested in additional passive income, we can help you sell your source-code on our platform.

If you have code you re-use between projects or ideas for useful packages / features that you can implement at a high-level, this is a unique chance to get immediate compensation for publishing source-code on our platform.

Participating in the contest is easy :

  1. Sign-up to the Binpress source-code marketplace. To keep the level of source-code high, registration is by invitation only - request your invitation here. Please request an invitation if you are a professional web developer only.
  2. Publish your entry in your Binpress account using "contest2011" as one of the tags. Publishing an entry requires you to provide basic information on the package you are submitting, uploading the source-code as a packaged zip file and providing installation instructions and documentation. Go over the rules and guidelines before submitting to make sure you understand the requirements.
  3. You can enter more than package into the competition! making multiple strong entries will increase your chances of winning one of the prizes.
  4. Winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends on February 24. For physical products, a shipping address will be required.

Contest will run through Jan 24 - Feb 24. Secure an invitation now!