January 24 - February 24

Programming Contest

Contest judges

Our judges hail from the entire spectrum of web development and are located around the globe.

  • John Resig John Resig

    John Resig is a JavaScript Tool Developer for the Mozilla Corporation and the author of the book Pro JavaScript Techniques. He’s also the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.

  • Robert Diana Robert Diana

    Software engineer, database developer, web developer, social media user, programming geek, avid reader, sports fan, statistics geek, and data geek. I do not care if something is new and shiny. I want to know if it works, if it is better than what I use now, and whether it makes my job or my life easier. Blogger at RegularGeek.com and developer of YackTrack.com, a social media monitoring and conversation tracking application.

  • Benjamin Curtis Benjamin Curtis

    A serial entrepreneur and web enthusiast. Founder of CatchTheBest.com and RailsKits.com. Blogs at BenCurtis.com. Loves e-commerce, Ruby on Rails, and long bike rides. Dislikes Java, downtime, and slick roads.

  • Refael Ackermann Refael Ackermann

    Refael Ackermann, Co-founder and CTO at Empeeric, has a lifelong involvement with computer technology, he has been a professional programmer for eight years. Always at the cutting edge, he constantly seeks out new technologies, and is involved with several open-source initiatives.

  • Jon Skeet Jon Skeet

    Jon Skeet is a software engineer at Google, working in the mobile team in the London office. He is best known for his contributions to the C# community, mostly through Stack Overflow, his blog, and his book "C# in Depth".

  • Alon Carmel Alon Carmel

    Entrepreneur, developer and designer, founder of devunity.com - socializing ide's, built talker.co.il, i4giveu.com and much more. Won SeedCamp Tel-aviv and 50 company at TechCrunch50, but most of all a nice guy with a passion for the web.

  • Karsten Januszewski Karsten Januszewski

    Karsten Januszewski is, at heart, a developer. He's been writing code since he was 12 years old and been making a living as a software engineer for the last 15 years, with Microsoft for the last 9 years. He's interested in a variety of topics and technologies, ranging from microformats to metaphysics, from jQuery to WPF.

  • Max Ramsay Max Ramsay

    Max Ramsay is a software developer, infrastructure engineer, and security geek currently working as a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS). C/C++ and assembly were his languages of choice until Python showed up. Now he uses it to optimize solutions on AWS.