A private area for your clients

Clients get their own secure account post purchase, where they can manage their purchase and provide you with feedback.

  • Access to product downloads, with notifications about newer versions.
  • Clients can view their licenses and upgrade to higher license tiers.
  • Support tickets, product reviews and more.

Make your clients happy
with responsive, efficient support

A robust ticketing system allows you and your team to manage support efficiently.

  • Clients can create create support tickets and feature suggestions.
  • A product knowledgebase - Clients have access to previous public tickets that could have the solution they need.
  • Invite other team members to answer support tickets and spread the workload.

Gather feedback to improve
your product and sales

Our built in review flow and reminders help you get real testimonials you can use on your store and in your marketing efforts.

Additional marketing tools allow you to reach out to your customers for feedback and to promote new product releases.

  • Purchase

  • Download

  • Review

  • Engagement

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