License Generation Made Easy

To get started quickly, we provide you with a fully featured license generator that covers all the common aspects of licensing digital products.

  • Pick from various licensing options, such as duration - including perpetual and recurring, commercial use, support term and more.
  • Create pricing tiers for your products by offering multiple versions and licenses.
  • You can also use your existing licenses, if you have those already.

License activation and verification

Make sure your products are used according to the licenses you provide.

  • Activate licenses remotely using our API.
  • The verification API tracks and checks installs, devices, license expiration and more to make sure the terms are upheld.
  • Get notified about license expiration and misuse, giving you the opportunity to talk to the client about upgrading to higher license tiers.

Optimize your revenue with multiple pricing tiers

Offer multiple pricing tiers by customizing your licensing to meet different client needs.

  • Licenses are displayed in an easy to compare and understand manner on the product page.
  • Target different client types and budgets with different versions and licensing options.
  • Clients can upgrade from one license to another. Automatically remind clients of the benefits of upgrading.
  • You can connect different product versions to different licenses, and mix-and-match.

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