Business insights based on real data

We gather and aggregate important data about your visitors, and present it to you in an easy to understand manner.

  • Monthly summaries and projections of visitors, sales and conversion.
  • Line graphs for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data help you see trends and spot peaks and valleys in your growth.
  • Per-visitor information, such as visit duration, location, items added to cart and more.

Take advantage of multiple distribution channels

Digital fulfillment platform

In addition to a hosted store on our site, you can also sell directly from your site with direct checkout links, and enjoy all the features we offer with your existing web properties.

A sales flow on your own site

Publish on our marketplace

The Binpress marketplace has been the top choice for software developers for over 4 years. All digital product types are coming to the marketplace soon.

Publishing on the marketplace

Connect with and engage your customers

Getting the initial sale is just the beginning. Engage and retain customers and increase your lifetime value for each sale.

  • License upgrade reminds for clients that might be ready to use a higher tier of your product.
  • Product review requests help you gather feedback and testimonials.
  • Lifecycle Emails make sure every client is satisfied and help you stay in the minds of clients.
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