Binpress Products 2017-03-20T11:59:33-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Clasp - JavaScript]]> 2017-03-20T11:59:33-07:00 2017-03-20T11:59:33-07:00 Iteradon A JavaScript library that consists of a lexer, a parser and an expression parser. Useful for structured data and instruction reading as well as adding infix expression execution capabilities to your programs. <![CDATA[PHP Business Directory - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2017-03-17T08:22:41-07:00 2017-03-17T08:22:41-07:00 ApPHP Company Simple, powerful and customizable classified script for building business listings, classified directory or yellow pages websites. <![CDATA[PHP Shopping Cart Script - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2017-03-03T04:32:34-08:00 2017-03-03T04:32:34-08:00 ApPHP Company This script is a PHP/MySQL open-source e-commerce system. It is a fully customizable shopping cart, specially designed for web. It also allows visitors to collect items in a virtual shopping cart over multiple product web pages without losing the items ordered. <![CDATA[Classborn Tarot - JavaScript | Game Development]]> 2017-02-19T21:00:13-08:00 2017-02-19T21:00:13-08:00 Miguel Gabriel Viñas Montiel Tarot Card Game and Numerology <![CDATA[Jumpy Pets - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:32:39-08:00 2017-02-13T15:32:39-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need jump to the top platform. Collect coins and open new funny skins! <![CDATA[Clock Jumper - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:30:44-08:00 2017-02-13T15:30:44-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need jump over a clock hands. Collect coins and open new skins! <![CDATA[Double Colors - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:28:35-08:00 2017-02-13T15:28:35-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need tap for rotate blocks. Contact same colors! <![CDATA[Elevator Challenge - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:26:39-08:00 2017-02-13T15:26:39-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need tap for change position of elevator. Dodge enemys and catch coins fro open new skins! <![CDATA[Round The World - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:22:51-08:00 2017-02-13T15:22:51-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless runner game. You need dodge enemies and catch coins for open new skins. Touch for change run destination! <![CDATA[Jump Over a Chasm - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T14:39:53-08:00 2017-02-13T14:39:53-08:00 TapTap Studio Its new endless jumper game. You need jump over a chasm and do not catch saws. But you need to catch coins for open new skins! <![CDATA[Classborn TreeMap - JavaScript | jQuery | Productivity]]> 2017-01-19T21:22:13-08:00 2017-01-19T21:22:13-08:00 Miguel Gabriel Viñas Montiel Classborn Treemap is a jQuery plugin that can deliver basic treemap plotting for easy data analysis and presentation. <![CDATA[Delete orders - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2017-01-16T23:03:18-08:00 2017-01-16T23:03:18-08:00 Elsner Technologies it is inconvenient if store owners want to remove an or many orders forever in Magento database