Binpress Products 2017-01-04T21:30:31-08:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Gorobak - Swift | Cocoa | Ecommerce]]> 2017-01-04T21:30:31-08:00 2017-01-04T21:30:31-08:00 Gorobak (/go-ro-bək/) is a source code template for shopping cart. Although shopping cart is the one of the core things in the development of an e-commerce apps, it is most time-consuming thing to create and built. Therefore, I create this template to save you a lot of time if you want to create an e-commerce app, that's my main purpose. <![CDATA[Magento 2 Price Negotiation - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2016-12-21T05:17:17-08:00 2016-12-21T05:17:17-08:00 Elsner Technologies Can you negotiate price online? Yes, Price Negotiate extension is providing a way for online shoppers to negotiate the price. If a visitor of your site want to buy a product from you, if your listed price seems high for the visitor, he will simply leave and look for a better deal elsewhere. For such situations Price Negotiate extension is an effective technical change to your web-store to motivate customers to buy more products with best deals. <![CDATA[360 Degree View Of Product - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2016-12-21T05:00:48-08:00 2016-12-21T05:00:48-08:00 Elsner Technologies Customers love to see products online in as much detail as possible. That's what 360 degree Product Viewer offers! This 360 degree spin allows customers to view products from every angle. <![CDATA[Magento 2 Product Stickers - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2016-12-21T04:47:10-08:00 2016-12-21T04:47:10-08:00 Elsner Technologies Magento 2 product sticker extension makes your product noticeable i.e it gives and enhance visibility to your &ldquo;New, Hot, Have special price Offer selling products &rdquo; and it attracts clients to get to know more about the product. In short, it would provide and extra support for your best selling product to promote more and more day by day giving a boost to your sales of that particular product. <![CDATA[Snapgram - Swift | Social media]]> 2016-12-09T02:13:07-08:00 2016-12-09T02:13:07-08:00 Snapgram - Instagram clone <![CDATA[HappyWeather - iOS 10 Location-based iOS weather app! - Swift | Location & Localization]]> 2016-12-06T14:57:52-08:00 2016-12-06T14:57:52-08:00 Hello World Studios Our source code provides an advanced foundation upon which you can build an interactive location-based weather app! <![CDATA[Magento 2 Customer Discount - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2016-12-04T21:52:02-08:00 2016-12-04T21:52:02-08:00 Elsner Technologies Apply Customer wish discount for register customer , system admin can set customer discount <![CDATA[Magento 2 Christmas Snowfall Effects - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2016-12-04T21:44:08-08:00 2016-12-04T21:44:08-08:00 Elsner Technologies Christmas Snowflakes Magento 2 Extensions will give your store a real holiday cheer, and bring smiles to your customers&rsquo; faces <![CDATA[CodeExec - PHP]]> 2016-11-28T16:32:08-08:00 2016-11-28T16:32:08-08:00 ProgWeb A web application allowing users to create and execute code written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS online. <![CDATA[Vina WordPress Quiz - PHP]]> 2016-11-26T21:16:40-08:00 2016-11-26T21:16:40-08:00 Hung Nguyen Vina WordPress Quiz is a WordPress plugin for creating and taking online quizzes on WordPress websites <![CDATA[Slider Magic - JavaScript | jQuery | User Interface]]> 2016-11-25T09:27:33-08:00 2016-11-25T09:27:33-08:00 Web development tool Slider Magic, display your content in a better way <![CDATA[[PHP] Simple Login - PHP | Security]]> 2016-11-19T23:15:08-08:00 2016-11-19T23:15:08-08:00 HK Sudharshan Murthy PHP Simple Login. This script is for login and verification purpose in a single page. 1 page login verifier. Simple, no database required. This script can be used for admin purpose login for any number of users. Line by Line documentation available within script.