Binpress components 2014-10-31T23:06:40-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[LMGaugeView - Objective-C | iPhone | User Interface]]> 2014-10-31T23:06:40-07:00 2014-10-31T23:06:40-07:00 LMinh LMGaugeView is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS. The main purpose of the control is to display a gauge, such as a speedometer or a loading indicator. The control are built using Core Graphics and Core Animation and allow for a large amount of customization in code. No additional assets are needed. Features: Simple gauge control with big color ring and smooth animation effect. Built using Core Graphics and Core Animation with clearly codebase. You can customize all necessary values of a typical gauge such as min value, max value, limit value, number of divisions, number of subdivisions, unit of measurement. You can also customize the gauge appearance properties such as ring color, background color, font, padding, width, text color, etc. Requirements: iOS 7.0 or higher ARC <![CDATA[Music Downloader and Player for SoundCloud for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | iPad | iPhone | Audio / Video / Images]]> 2014-10-26T02:16:48-07:00 2014-10-26T02:16:48-07:00 Papadakis Konstantinos The source-code for search, discover and download music from SoundCloud. Enjoy downloading FREE &amp; legal music tracks from SoundCloud with the best music downloader app on the App Store! The most completed, fast and fully featured app is here for you to download legal mp3 music files from SoundCloud. You can search &amp; discover any music file from SoundCloud and download it instantly! Download Manager Very fast downloading speed (built-in download acceleration plugin) Unlimited file size downloading over 3G/4G/LTE &amp; WiFi Background downloading (no time limit) Simultaneous downloads (up to 10 in queue) Progress bar (realtime download speed in kB/s and % status completed) Notification center alerts for completed downloads Active downloads badge indicator Resume cancelled downloads File Manager Open files in format supported applications Rename files Delete files Audio Player Integrated music app style audio player Supports mp3 files Playlist support Shuffle, repeat, repeat one track options Artwork display Song list support Background &amp; lock-screen play &amp; control Other details Passcode lock (lock your application with passcode lock) Discover music tracks from SoundCloud categories NOTE: This application uses the official SoundCloud API and respects their policy and only songs that are available for downloading can be downloaded. <![CDATA[Video Poker - Jacks or Better Universal Source Code for iOS 8 - Objective-C | iPad | iPhone | Game Development]]> 2014-10-24T19:32:20-07:00 2014-10-24T19:32:20-07:00 woowoogames Jacks or Better has all the features players love in a classic video poker gameplay. The project includes the universal source code for iOS 8, assets and documentation for customizing the game. Based on classic video poker gameplay, this app has all the features players love in a video poker app. Easy to re-skin with less than 40 images required, simplified setup, IAP and ad integration makes this app is a great addition to any app portfolio. Preview this app in iTunes General Details iOS 8 SDK Version Device Support: Universal (iPhone,iPad,iPod) Device Orientation: iPhone Portrait, iPad Landscape iPhone 6 and 6 Plus compatible Video Preview for both iPhone 6 and iPad versions Features iOS8 SDK Build in Xcode 6 iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 plus compatible Simplified Integration for App Publishers Manage IAPs, Ads networks, and essential game functions in a single file. In-App Purchase (IAP) Built-in 7 consumable IAP Product IDs 6 Consumables (Coins) 1 Non-consumable (Remove Ads) 3rd Party SDKs Built-in Integrates out of the box with: AppLovin Chartboost Flurry Upsight RevMob iRate Built-in Prompt and remind players to rate and review your app. Reward players with free coins for their ratings. Social Sharing Built-in Facebook/Twitter Local Notifications Built-in Re-engage players through reminders to play and by awarding free bonus coins PSD Files Included Well organized Photoshop PSD resources, designed for ease of use. Please note that Game Center integration has NOT been included in version 1.2 but, will be introduced in version 1.3 scheduled for release end of 2014. <![CDATA[Restaurant Ordering App Template for iOS - Objective-C | Ecommerce]]> 2014-10-24T14:47:34-07:00 2014-10-24T14:47:34-07:00 Moon Apps A complete restaurant ordering app for iPhone and iPod. Start receiving orders in minutes. Build an iOS app for restaurants that customers can use to place orders. Using this project source code, you'll have a polished native app for iPhones and iPods. Menu items are easily configurable, all without programing: just edit a JSON property list. <![CDATA[Heroes - Addictive iOS Jumping Game - Objective-C | SpriteKit | Game Development]]> 2014-10-24T14:34:59-07:00 2014-10-24T14:34:59-07:00 Moon Apps A starter kit to build a Flappy Bird-like jumping game for iOS where you can dodge projectiles shot by an alien space ship. Simple to play, but hard to master. Move your phone from left to right as you dodge attacks from a UFO hovering overhead. Playable as different characters (&quot;Rambo&quot;, &quot;Blade&quot;, &quot;Bro Hard&quot; and more), which are modeled after movie heroes. You can even play in different stages, which include Desert, Jungle, Ruined City and Field war zones. <![CDATA[blockText.js - JavaScript | jQuery | User Interface]]> 2014-10-22T22:40:52-07:00 2014-10-22T22:40:52-07:00 dcc Adjust letter-spacing of subheader to maintain equal width with the main header. jquery.blocktext.js About BlockText is a simple jQuery plugin which ensures that your headers maintain a consistent styling of equal width. The H2 element will always match the width of the H1, regardless of how drastic the original width difference. When the page loads, the script measures the width of the first line and calculates the appropriate letter-spacing to set the second line at to most closely match the calculated width. Usage Usage is simple. No options. Just call it when you need it. See demo blocktext.html for live example. Be sure to include the jQuery library before running this script. It will not work without jQuery. An earlier version is available on Codepen. &lt;script src=&quot;//;&gt;&lt;/script&gt; &lt;script src=&quot;jquery.blocktext.min.js&quot;&gt;&lt;/script&gt; License blockText v3.1 is licensed under the MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2014 D. Condrey <![CDATA[Cricket - Single Touch Sports game for iOS - Objective-C | iPad | iPhone | Game Development]]> 2014-10-20T23:19:26-07:00 2014-10-20T23:19:26-07:00 Quackart Studios An innovative game that challenges the player&rsquo;s batting skills. It features an impressive balling system that will trouble player every time in order to play a perfect shot. Ver 1.01 : Comes with iOS 8, iPhone 6 &amp; iPhone 6+ ready. All Ad networks are updated for iOS 8 version. Cricket - Master Blaster Mania was recently featured in iPhone Grossing (Top Charts) at Number 11 in Sports Category. The Game is simple yet addictive with a single touch gameplay. Hit Fours and Sixes to make high scores. Play with 5 different Batsman to smash the boundaries. Game features : Universal Game (All iOS devices) Cocos2d Framework &amp; Spritesheets (Require TexturePacker to make Spritesheets) 5 Different Countries Batsman Quick Play Mode (5 Wickets in Hand) 6 In-App Purchases (Remove Ads, Unlock All &amp; 4 Characters 4 Ad SDK's integrated (Revmob, Chartboost, Applovin &amp; Flurry) Game Center Leaderboards Share your Score on Facebook &amp; Twitter 2 Different Rating/Review functionality implemented (Manual + Appirater) Dynamic Balling System Single Touch Gameplay Real Sound Tracks iOS8 Ready Minimum iOS version required : 6.1 <![CDATA[Magneticmediajs - JavaScript | jQuery | Audio / Video / Images]]> 2014-10-20T05:47:31-07:00 2014-10-20T05:47:31-07:00 Leyder Consulting Magneticmediajs is a JavaScript jQuery based library to display media content (images, videos, maps and HTML) in a stylish overlay fashion (a.k.a. modals) Magneticmediajs takes displaying media content to a new dimension for your web-based site or application. Your media content can again be the star of the show! It includes several unique features like a magnifying glass tool, greatly eases the task of working with social media platforms like Youtube or Instagram and is bundled with a documented API to control your media. To get a complete tour of Magneticmediajs capabilities visit our website. It can be included in web site projects or applications developed with a web component (iOS UIWebView, Apache Cordova &amp; Phonegap ...) Features (Starter edition) Display images Display MP4 videos with HTML5 video and a flash fallback Mobile &amp; touch ready Cross-device compatible: iOS, Android, Desktop, TVs ... Colorful and easly customizable Deeplinking (each item gets its own URL) Multiple instances support Clear documentation and user-friendly setup Community support on Stackoverflow (use tag mmjs) Features (Pro, Enterprise and Developer editions) All Starter edition features with a commercial license Display images, videos, HTML content, maps &amp; more Take image input from Instagram and Flickr Take video input from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion Show locations with Google maps API to programmatically control your media Magnifying glass: enlarge areas of your images &amp; photos Support for the file protocol (PhoneGap &amp; more) Media gallery &amp; Media wall: mobile first layouts to display your media content Display iframe, raw HTML and execute JavaScript upon content loading HTTP and HTTPS ready Advanced error management Professional support Lightweight: only 30 kB + jQuery Edition details The Starter edition is available as a free GPLv3 open source project. The Pro and Enterprise editions come with many added features and minified JavaScript sources. The Pro edition can be used on 1 site and 1 application. The Enterprise edition can be used on an unlimited number of sites and applications for your company business The developer edition come with commented open source JavaScript file on top of all Enterprise edition features. Dependencies jQuery 1.10.2+ SWFObject v2.2 (optional - for flash fallback) Tested browsers and devices Firefox 4+ Chrome 12+ Internet Explorer 9+ Safari 4+ Opera 12+ iOS 6+ Android 4+ Windows 7, 8+ Mac OS X 10.7+ Linux Ubuntu 12+ <![CDATA[Battle for Earth game source code for Android - Java | Android | Game Development]]> 2014-10-16T10:35:55-07:00 2014-10-16T10:35:55-07:00 Roga Men A side scrolling space shooter for Android, with Admob banner and Admob interstitial ads integrated. Get the full project source and skin it to your vision. You can insert your own graphics (main character, background images, enemies, bullets, asteroids. and sounds. Documentation on reskinning and customization is included in the package. Download the full game from Google Play and try it yourself! Features Destroy all enemies on your journey through space Steer the spaceship through different galaxies and avoid crashes with asteroids Different opponents will attack you with different kind of attack On your way you can also pick up bouns points, advanced bullets or shield. Some bullets are faster, powerful or tripled. When you are in the shield no one can destroy your ship <![CDATA[Rocket Monkey game source code for Android - Java | Game Development]]> 2014-10-16T10:11:42-07:00 2014-10-16T10:11:42-07:00 Roga Men Flappy bird style Android arcade game with Admob integrated, easily reskinnable and customized. You can insert your own graphics (main character, background, obstacles, gifts), sounds and achievements sounds. Documentation is included in the package on how to reskin and customize the game. Download the demo apk Features It is a flappy bird style game You must avoid touches with obstacles (snakes and trees) On the way you could collect items wich allows you to continue where you died You can also catch big item wich gives you rocket power, main character is faster and easier to tap trough obsticle Achievements <![CDATA[Poo Escape game source code for Android - Java | Android | Game Development]]> 2014-10-16T09:46:21-07:00 2014-10-16T09:46:21-07:00 Roga Men A simple arcade game for Android with admob integrated and easy to reskin in Eclipse. Get the full project source and skin it to your vision. You can insert your own graphics (obstacles, flying objects, characters). For help you will get full instructions. Download the full game from Google Play and try it yourself! Choose between two characters Three difficulty levels Pick up gas barrels for level fuel level increase Avoid toxic barrels, it will decrease your fuel level <![CDATA[Commentymous - JavaScript | jQuery | User Interface]]> 2014-10-16T02:20:10-07:00 2014-10-16T02:20:10-07:00 Leyder Consulting Commentymous is an anonymous comment system. It is a mobile first project based on Bootstrap and jQuery and works with PHP and MongoDB A rich anonymous comment system Commentymous answers this question: how to add a rich comment system to a site or application without forcing your visitors to sign up for an account or use their social media account? Commentymous is built on top of Bootstrap so it also addresses the frequently asked question: how do I add a comment system to my Bootstrap design? Being able to browse and comment the Internet or an application while staying anonymous has become a growing concern for many users. While Facebook and Disqus can provide a solution for a &quot;logged in&quot; comment system, they keep track of your users comments and can even use them for marketing purposes. Features Reply to a comment Rate comments Sort comment (newest, oldest, most popular) 3 example skins and straight forward customization with CSS Open or close commenting Set different levels of required information to comment: display name with or without capturing website and email from your users Blazing fast with MongoDB Mobile first design built with Bootstrap and jQuery Various layout options like selecting the time zone for your comment system and displaying labels You can check the available skins for Commentymous here Requirements PHP 5.4+ MongoDB 2.6+ jQuery 1.11+ Bootstrap 3.2+ A web server (Commentymous was developed with apache 2.4.4)