Binpress Products 2015-06-16T03:50:54-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Store Manager for Prestashop - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2015-06-16T03:50:54-07:00 2015-06-16T03:50:54-07:00 eMagicOne Smart e-Commerce Solutions Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application, designed to speed up and automate the management of PrestaShop based stores. You save your time, sweat and money by simply allowing the Store Manager to operate your business. <![CDATA[PlugNedit Flux Editor - JavaScript | Editors]]> 2015-06-11T15:20:12-07:00 2015-06-11T15:20:12-07:00 Javascript Tech Drag And Drop layers based online visual designer. <![CDATA[Tiles Stack - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2015-06-04T18:23:11-07:00 2015-06-04T18:23:11-07:00 HuhuStudio Tiles Stack is a new kind of puzzle game. Your task is to stack all the tile into single stack. Application includes documentation, full source code written using Cocosd2-x and ability to compile an Android and iOS app. <![CDATA[Chat App SDK for Swift - Swift | User Interface]]> 2015-06-04T03:44:04-07:00 2015-06-04T03:44:04-07:00 Chat App SDK is a fully functional messaging app written in Swift. The app is easy to reskin and includes a documentation. Full source code and resources are also included in the package. <![CDATA[Advanced Texas Hold 'em 7 card evaluator - PHP | Game Development]]> 2015-05-25T08:13:01-07:00 2015-05-25T08:13:01-07:00 Marketplace Texas holdem 7 card evaluator. Easy to use, fast and lightweight. Easy to modify. Packed with tests <![CDATA[CryptoRSA - Java | Security]]> 2015-05-23T09:33:07-07:00 2015-05-23T09:33:07-07:00 CryptoRSA CryptoRSA is a software written in JAVA for encrypting and decrypting a text using RSA algorithm with the possibility to choose different length for keys (1024 or 2048 bit). <![CDATA[SWCrawlView - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2015-05-22T09:20:36-07:00 2015-05-22T09:20:36-07:00 Marketplace This is an embeddable, interactive, customizable Crawl view made to mimic the theatrical crawls. It supports all iOS devices and all orientations. <![CDATA[Social Box - Swift | Cocoa | Social media]]> 2015-05-18T04:24:34-07:00 2015-05-18T04:24:34-07:00 argCondor Store Access all your social networking services in one place. Social Box is a simple way to share the life moments. Transform your social experience with a number of advanced features such as multiple social networks open simultaneously in a 3D Box, full screen and 3D environment. <![CDATA[User, Multiple-level FAQ, Ticket System - PHP]]> 2015-05-10T07:46:45-07:00 2015-05-10T07:46:45-07:00 Hung Nguyen &ldquo;User, Multiple-level FAQ, Ticket System&rdquo; is a web application written using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript used for manage user/client, FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and Tickets. <![CDATA[Anno Modal - JavaScript | Audio / Video / Images]]> 2015-05-02T15:00:12-07:00 2015-05-02T15:00:12-07:00 EyeFlash a Image Lightbox that provides a simple and nice way to create modal image dialogs that makes annotation possible. <![CDATA[FeedArmy - A Google Shopping Management Tool - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2015-04-30T00:53:44-07:00 2015-04-30T00:53:44-07:00 FeedArmy Feedarmy is a Google Shopping Management application. Full installation is included. <![CDATA[iOS Donut Progress Bar - Objective-C | User Interface]]> 2015-04-16T20:39:45-07:00 2015-04-16T20:39:45-07:00 Broodcamp iOS Donut progress bar is a library you can integrate in your project to present data in a graphical way and get a live preview right in the interface builder.