Binpress Products 2015-05-10T07:46:45-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[User, Multiple-level FAQ, Ticket System - PHP]]> 2015-05-10T07:46:45-07:00 2015-05-10T07:46:45-07:00 Hung Nguyen &ldquo;User, Multiple-level FAQ, Ticket System&rdquo; is a web application written using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript used for manage user/client, FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and Tickets. <![CDATA[Anno Modal - JavaScript | Audio / Video / Images]]> 2015-05-02T15:00:12-07:00 2015-05-02T15:00:12-07:00 EyeFlash a Image Lightbox that provides a simple and nice way to create modal image dialogs that makes annotation possible. <![CDATA[FeedArmy - A Google Shopping Management Tool - PHP | Ecommerce]]> 2015-04-30T00:53:44-07:00 2015-04-30T00:53:44-07:00 FeedArmy Feedarmy is a Google Shopping Management application. Full installation is included. <![CDATA[iOS Photo Lightbox Viewer - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2015-04-16T12:02:51-07:00 2015-04-16T12:02:51-07:00 Markelsoft Photo Lightbox Viewer is like a &quot;light box&quot; for iOS. It's similar to photo viewers you may have seen in apps like Twitter, Tweetbot, and others. It presents an photo in a full-screen interactive view. Users can pan and zoom, and use Tweetbot-style dynamic gestures to dismiss it with a swipe in any direction. This package Includes full source code and a working demo. <![CDATA[Lua Class System - Lua | Game Development]]> 2015-04-09T07:29:12-07:00 2015-04-09T07:29:12-07:00 Marketplace A small yet powerful library which helps in the implementation of object-oriented programming in Lua. Can be used for Lua engines such as: Corona SDK, Cocos2d, Love, Moai, etc. <![CDATA[Your Quiz App - Android Source Code - Java]]> 2015-04-06T09:05:20-07:00 2015-04-06T09:05:20-07:00 Gabriel This is a quiz application for Android listing single questions with 4 different answers. You can build your own picture or logo quiz app using the source code provided. Includes admin panel minicms to manage question, source code and documentation. <![CDATA[Paint Together - Social Painting App - Java]]> 2015-04-06T08:18:50-07:00 2015-04-06T08:18:50-07:00 Marketplace Paint Together is a social painting app that allows you to paint and chat in realtime with your friends. <![CDATA[PHP Laravel Multi-vendor Auction - PHP | Laravel | Ecommerce]]> 2015-04-05T14:11:56-07:00 2015-04-05T14:11:56-07:00 Marketplace PHP Laravel Auction is an E-Commerce multi-vendor program. PHP Laravel Auction is an auction based software that let vendors sell good or bid on other products. The software is multi-lingual and can be easily customized by including a language file. Includes a detailed user and developer manual. <![CDATA[Cabs Ultimate - Java | Location & Localization]]> 2015-03-31T05:09:31-07:00 2015-03-31T05:09:31-07:00 Jouster Labs Pvt. Ltd. A modern location-based app design template optimized for the latest version of Android. Use it to build a taxi hailing app or modify it for any other kind of location-based application. <![CDATA[3D Solar System, WebGL - JavaScript | Game Development]]> 2015-03-31T03:34:54-07:00 2015-03-31T03:34:54-07:00 Marketplace A 3D model of our solar system built with WebGL. Use it in your site or application as-is, or modify it to fit your needs. <![CDATA[LEARN course management iOS 8 app & CMS - Swift | Cocoa | Audio / Video / Images]]> 2015-03-29T09:47:49-07:00 2015-03-29T09:47:49-07:00 Marketplace LEARN is a course management system composed of an iOS 8 app (iPhone and iPad) template and web-based backend. Administrators can add courses and send push notifications straight from their browser to users of the mobile app. <![CDATA[Football Shirt Quiz - Java | Game Development]]> 2015-03-25T13:36:23-07:00 2015-03-25T13:36:23-07:00 Football Shirt Quiz A football (soccer) quiz game built for Android, where players match shirts with the right teams. Support for in-app purchases and ads is included.