Binpress Products 2015-06-04T18:23:11-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Tiles Stack - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2015-06-04T18:23:11-07:00 2015-06-04T18:23:11-07:00 HuhuStudio Tiles Stack is a new kind of puzzle game. Your task is to stack all the tile into single stack. Application includes documentation, full source code written using Cocosd2-x and ability to compile an Android and iOS app. <![CDATA[Addicting Springboard Multiplayer Game (iOS8 + Cocos2d) - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2014-10-15T11:14:35-07:00 2014-10-15T11:14:35-07:00 Dream Bot Studios Our most successful iOS8 game source code that is being used to create addicting multiplayer games. <![CDATA[Skater Dave - Cross-platform Starter Kit - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2014-07-14T02:27:13-07:00 2014-07-14T02:27:13-07:00 Orbit Software The complete source code and media asset files of the 2D Skater Physics Game &quot;Skater Dave - Downhill Skating&quot; for iPhone / iPad / Mac / Ouya / Android. <![CDATA[Texture Atlasing - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2013-07-19T15:05:44-07:00 2013-07-19T15:05:44-07:00 Marketplace Suitable for batching textures at run-time in a game or other hardware accelerated app. <![CDATA[Sky Sphere / Cube / Dome Render - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2012-06-14T06:12:31-07:00 2012-06-14T06:12:31-07:00 Marketplace Three blisteringly fast classes for rendering sky textures in 3D games: sphere, cube and dome <![CDATA[Anubis CPPCards - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2011-07-14T09:28:03-07:00 2011-07-14T09:28:03-07:00 Weston Networks A card deck and card class framework to make your card game easier to develop <![CDATA[Sudoku solver and generator - C/C++ | Game Development]]> 2011-06-14T04:30:11-07:00 2011-06-14T04:30:11-07:00 Marketplace An easy to use SuDoku solver and generator meant to be extensible and practical.