Binpress Products 2016-11-04T07:41:47-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[MIDvec C Library - C/C++ | System & Frameworks]]> 2016-11-04T07:41:47-07:00 2016-11-04T07:41:47-07:00 MIDvec MIDvec stands for (M)achine learning, (I)mage development, (D)igital signal processing, and (vec)tors. MIDvec offers a commercial-use, copyleft-free, and very inexpensive scientific computing library for these topics and more. <![CDATA[C/C++ Memory Allocator - C/C++ | System & Frameworks]]> 2013-08-17T08:11:22-07:00 2013-08-17T08:11:22-07:00 Marketplace C/C++ block memory allocator with optimization and debugging features. <![CDATA[GTK+ Widget State Manager - C/C++ | System & Frameworks]]> 2012-07-15T02:09:55-07:00 2012-07-15T02:09:55-07:00 Marketplace A GTK+ Widget State Manager (WSM) that elegantly handles all Management of Widget States (Visible, Editable, or Sensitive) based on the User Interface state of a GTK+ GUI application.