Binpress Products 2017-01-15T07:00:55-08:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[StreamDatabase - C# | Database]]> 2017-01-15T07:00:55-08:00 2017-01-15T07:00:55-08:00 Patrick Pastuszka StreamDB - API that provides Time-Rewindable Databases <![CDATA[Rabbit Jump (iOS + Android game) - C# | Game Development]]> 2015-08-26T03:12:18-07:00 2015-08-26T03:12:18-07:00 Tylcham studios s.r.o Unity3D template for Arcade game. Help the Rabbit reach the sky by jumping free through obstacles. <![CDATA[WHOIS Domain Name Checker .NET API - C# | Productivity]]> 2015-02-05T02:10:40-08:00 2015-02-05T02:10:40-08:00 hakan yurt A .NET assembly for checking domain name status through WHOIS. <![CDATA[WinFormsPopupAlerts - C# | User Interface]]> 2014-04-21T19:14:23-07:00 2014-04-21T19:14:23-07:00 FiftiN A component for creating flexible alert windows <![CDATA[Formatted Data Export for C# - C#]]> 2013-11-30T06:11:35-08:00 2013-11-30T06:11:35-08:00 jack zhang Add an export function to your application from database data into a stylized formatted file for print or sending to others through email. <![CDATA[Work Calendar - C# | System & Frameworks]]> 2013-11-09T23:15:46-08:00 2013-11-09T23:15:46-08:00 jack zhang WorkCalendar is working calendar (or business calendar) algorithm for .Net framework, give a start time and duration(such as 10 hours or 30 minutes) then it calculate the end time skip the non-working time such as saturday, sunday and holidays. <![CDATA[Winforms Gantt Chart - C# | Productivity]]> 2013-06-06T08:39:59-07:00 2013-06-06T08:39:59-07:00 Marketplace This .NET 4.0 class library project provides a C# Winforms UserControl that draws a gantt chart using GDI+ <![CDATA[Multiformat Extendable .Net Logging - C# | Performance]]> 2013-06-04T21:52:47-07:00 2013-06-04T21:52:47-07:00 HarkDev JLogger is a simplified logging library that let's you log into XML and Text format or create your own logging solution implementing it's classes. Works on ASP.Net, WinForms or any other .Net project. <![CDATA[UDP Web listener - C#]]> 2012-11-13T12:03:54-08:00 2012-11-13T12:03:54-08:00 Marketplace Through the Web listener you can obtain and to send UDP data packets from one or more devices simultaneous <![CDATA[Shopping Mall - C# | User Interface]]> 2012-06-06T01:11:53-07:00 2012-06-06T01:11:53-07:00 Marketplace The application shows how a user can choose a product category which prompts the application to download information about the products of this category from a web service. <![CDATA[Easy Log Library - C#]]> 2011-08-24T17:41:20-07:00 2011-08-24T17:41:20-07:00 jack zhang EasyLog is a simple logging tool for the .Net framework <![CDATA[SharpAuthorize .NET Component - C# | Ecommerce]]> 2011-08-19T22:20:12-07:00 2011-08-19T22:20:12-07:00 Reflection Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. SharpAuthorize is a Authorize.Net & C#, VB integration component for credit card processing.