Binpress Products 2013-11-30T06:11:35-08:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Formatted Data Export for C# - C#]]> 2013-11-30T06:11:35-08:00 2013-11-30T06:11:35-08:00 jack zhang Add an export function to your application from database data into a stylized formatted file for print or sending to others through email. <![CDATA[UDP Web listener - C#]]> 2012-11-13T12:03:54-08:00 2012-11-13T12:03:54-08:00 Marketplace Through the Web listener you can obtain and to send UDP data packets from one or more devices simultaneous <![CDATA[Easy Log Library - C#]]> 2011-08-24T17:41:20-07:00 2011-08-24T17:41:20-07:00 jack zhang EasyLog is a simple logging tool for the .Net framework <![CDATA[Impersonator - C#]]> 2011-04-28T06:45:11-07:00 2011-04-28T06:45:11-07:00 Marketplace The term "Impersonation" in a programming context refers to a technique that executes the code under another user context than the user who originally started an application, i.e. the user context is temporarily changed once or multiple times during the execution of an application.