Binpress Products 2014-04-21T19:14:23-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[WinFormsPopupAlerts - C# | User Interface]]> 2014-04-21T19:14:23-07:00 2014-04-21T19:14:23-07:00 FiftiN A component for creating flexible alert windows <![CDATA[Shopping Mall - C# | User Interface]]> 2012-06-06T01:11:53-07:00 2012-06-06T01:11:53-07:00 Marketplace The application shows how a user can choose a product category which prompts the application to download information about the products of this category from a web service. <![CDATA[Custom DropDownList - C# | User Interface]]> 2011-04-10T16:04:18-07:00 2011-04-10T16:04:18-07:00 Marketplace A customizable DropDownList control