Binpress Products 2017-07-01T11:56:44-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Hash Converter - Java]]> 2017-07-01T11:56:44-07:00 2017-07-01T11:56:44-07:00 A software complete source code that converts any string to some of the most used cryptography algorithms. <![CDATA[WeatherApp - Java | Productivity]]> 2017-05-06T16:38:19-07:00 2017-05-06T16:38:19-07:00 AwesomeProjects A Real Time Weather App for Windows Desktops <![CDATA[DragdropEasy - Java | Productivity]]> 2017-05-06T05:40:27-07:00 2017-05-06T05:40:27-07:00 AwesomeProjects Share Files from Desktop using Drag and Drop. Availability compare,read or execute files <![CDATA[E-Commerce Android App - Java | Ecommerce]]> 2017-02-23T00:25:07-08:00 2017-02-23T00:25:07-08:00 Evolva Design A full featured Android E-Commerce Application that is built to suit your mobile E-Commerce requirements. Features Beautiful UI, Smooth Animations and well thought out Flow. <![CDATA[IFap ERP with source code - Java]]> 2016-04-05T05:54:42-07:00 2016-04-05T05:54:42-07:00 Infygen Technologies Buy ERP with source code and ownership rights to rebrand and resell. <![CDATA[A Common Application Framework (ACAF) - Java | System & Frameworks]]> 2016-01-27T00:59:43-08:00 2016-01-27T00:59:43-08:00 TMASoft The Common Application Framework (ACAF) is used as base to implement technology-free, robust and clean business classes of an application, which should be connected to different other frameworks, without affecting the business classes itself. It includes an O/R mapping package, used to store business objects in a relational database and classes to serialize and deserialize business objects to/from XML documents. <![CDATA[Android Quiz App - Java | Game Development]]> 2016-01-19T02:54:17-08:00 2016-01-19T02:54:17-08:00 AppsCharmer Create awesome android quiz app using 'Android Quiz App' source code package. <![CDATA[Math Game for Android - Java | Game Development]]> 2015-08-25T01:45:44-07:00 2015-08-25T01:45:44-07:00 Imagine Box Math is boring? Maybe. But with this game, math can be fun. <![CDATA[CryptoRSA - Java | Security]]> 2015-05-23T09:33:07-07:00 2015-05-23T09:33:07-07:00 CryptoRSA CryptoRSA is a software written in JAVA for encrypting and decrypting a text using RSA algorithm with the possibility to choose different length for keys (1024 or 2048 bit). <![CDATA[Your Quiz App - Android Source Code - Java]]> 2015-04-06T09:05:20-07:00 2015-04-06T09:05:20-07:00 Gabriel This is a quiz application for Android listing single questions with 4 different answers. You can build your own picture or logo quiz app using the source code provided. Includes admin panel minicms to manage question, source code and documentation. <![CDATA[Cabs Ultimate - Java | Location & Localization]]> 2015-03-31T05:09:31-07:00 2015-03-31T05:09:31-07:00 Jouster Labs Pvt. Ltd. A modern location-based app design template optimized for the latest version of Android. Use it to build a taxi hailing app or modify it for any other kind of location-based application. <![CDATA[Football Shirt Quiz - Java | Game Development]]> 2015-03-25T13:36:23-07:00 2015-03-25T13:36:23-07:00 Football Shirt Quiz A football (soccer) quiz game built for Android, where players match shirts with the right teams. Support for in-app purchases and ads is included.