Binpress Products 2017-07-01T11:56:44-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Hash Converter - Java]]> 2017-07-01T11:56:44-07:00 2017-07-01T11:56:44-07:00 A software complete source code that converts any string to some of the most used cryptography algorithms. <![CDATA[IFap ERP with source code - Java]]> 2016-04-05T05:54:42-07:00 2016-04-05T05:54:42-07:00 Infygen Technologies Buy ERP with source code and ownership rights to rebrand and resell. <![CDATA[Your Quiz App - Android Source Code - Java]]> 2015-04-06T09:05:20-07:00 2015-04-06T09:05:20-07:00 Gabriel This is a quiz application for Android listing single questions with 4 different answers. You can build your own picture or logo quiz app using the source code provided. Includes admin panel minicms to manage question, source code and documentation. <![CDATA[Android Feedback Activity with SOAP service - Java]]> 2014-09-20T07:50:47-07:00 2014-09-20T07:50:47-07:00 Nisidotro Studio Complete User Feedback Activity for your Android Java application with built in SOAP service support, demo app project and PHP SOAP service included as an example. <![CDATA[String Math Expression Calculator - Java]]> 2011-05-20T01:37:44-07:00 2011-05-20T01:37:44-07:00 Marketplace Calculates string math expressions from user input or other sources. Includes calculator UI component for out of the box usefulness. <![CDATA[contacts.droid - Java]]> 2011-04-30T06:03:56-07:00 2011-04-30T06:03:56-07:00 Marketplace contacts.droid simplifies dealing with contacts and addresses on Android. <![CDATA[SimpleStorage - Java]]> 2011-01-29T04:01:11-08:00 2011-01-29T04:01:11-08:00 Marketplace Easy to use key-value storage. <![CDATA[jappstart - Java | Spring]]> 2011-01-26T04:16:15-08:00 2011-01-26T04:16:15-08:00 Marketplace jappstart is a Java framework for Google App Engine built on Spring, Spring Security, and Sitemesh. The project aims to be the starting point for Google App Engine Java applications. It's not a framework in the traditional sense -- rather it is designed to provide a solid foundation for GAE/Java applications that can be easily extended by developers.