Binpress Products 2011-02-21T17:57:49-08:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[CalendarView - JavaScript | Prototype | Location & Localization]]> 2011-02-21T17:57:49-08:00 2011-02-21T17:57:49-08:00 Marketplace The Calendar widget is a JavaScript-based calendar that can either be embedded within a page or popup when a trigger element is clicked. <![CDATA[Node Calendar - JavaScript | jQuery | Location & Localization]]> 2011-02-08T18:36:52-08:00 2011-02-08T18:36:52-08:00 Marketplace A lightweight & fast calendar. Built on top of Node.JS & CouchDb. Using jQuery to manage the front-end. <![CDATA[mooTimePicker - JavaScript | MooTools | Location & Localization]]> 2011-02-03T01:39:53-08:00 2011-02-03T01:39:53-08:00 Marcelo.Origoni mooTimePicker is a library that will allow you to have a time picker widget, that uses sliders to select the hours, minutes and seconds.