Binpress Products 2014-05-27T09:46:47-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Tapitoo - Restaurant Ordering System - JavaScript | AngularJS | Ecommerce]]> 2014-05-27T09:46:47-07:00 2014-05-27T09:46:47-07:00 GeekVillage Tapitoo is a digital delivery tool for restaurants. We built this to exploit it ourselves, but realized that the market is big enough to also start selling the source code. Foodpanda, eat24, grubhub charge close to 30% of the order value, so it makes sense to sell restaurants their own ordering platform! Food ordering was worth 9bn USD in the US alone in 2015, up x13 from 2014. This is a huge, under-tapped market and this is your chance to make some recurrent revenue.