Binpress Products 2014-10-24T19:32:20-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Video Poker - Jacks or Better Universal Source Code for iOS - Objective-C | Game Development]]> 2014-10-24T19:32:20-07:00 2014-10-24T19:32:20-07:00 woowoogames Jacks or Better has all the features players love in a classic video poker gameplay. The project includes the universal source code for iOS 10, assets and documentation for customizing the game. <![CDATA[Cricket - Single Touch Sports game for iOS - Objective-C | Game Development]]> 2014-10-20T23:19:26-07:00 2014-10-20T23:19:26-07:00 Bindasapps An innovative game that challenges the player&rsquo;s batting skills. It features an impressive balling system that will trouble player every time in order to play a perfect shot. <![CDATA[Bhima - Secure Save Framework for iOS - Objective-C | Game Development]]> 2014-10-10T13:44:27-07:00 2014-10-10T13:44:27-07:00 WebOrCode Provide 100% protection against File Substitution Hacks <![CDATA[Coloring Bundle - 36 Coloring Pages for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-08-01T08:00:07-07:00 2014-08-01T08:00:07-07:00 Bindasapps Build your own coloring app for the iPhone and iPad with this coloring bundle starter-kit. Includes a simple and clean UI, multiple brush sizes and 17 different colors. Updated for iOS8. <![CDATA[Jigsaw Bundle for iOS - 108 Puzzles - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-07-30T03:22:07-07:00 2014-07-30T03:22:07-07:00 Bindasapps A Fun learning Puzzle game for Toddlers, Kindergarten, Preschool, Kids, girls and boys. Comes with 36 beautiful Puzzle scenes for kids designed with lot of care &amp; 3 difficulty modes of 4,6 and 9 pieces. <![CDATA[Sticker App Starter Kit for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-07-18T01:10:13-07:00 2014-07-18T01:10:13-07:00 Bindasapps Sticker app lets you paint on pictures &amp; decorate your pictures with 280 stickers available in the App. You can send 280 stickers to WhatsApp friends and share you pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email and save it to the device album. <![CDATA[Reversi - Universal iOS App + iAd + AdBuddiz - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-04-01T01:20:43-07:00 2014-04-01T01:20:43-07:00 Marketplace The Reversi puzzle game as a Universal iOS App (iPhone &amp; iPad). The source to the full game, with multiple Ad placements (banner and interstitial). <![CDATA[Word Slider for iOS - Objective-C | Game Development]]> 2014-03-20T00:40:11-07:00 2014-03-20T00:40:11-07:00 Marketplace Word Slider is iOS word search game for iPhone and iPad, with support for iOS 7. It supports 8 languages and has built in Game Center and Banners for your ads. <![CDATA[Crappy Bird - Flappy Bird Skin - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-02-17T11:30:41-08:00 2014-02-17T11:30:41-08:00 Pop! Pop! This is a fully functional Flappy Bird Reskin App for an iOS Universal App called Crappy Bird. This is so easy to reskin, even people without programming experience could do it! <![CDATA[4 Pics - 1 Statement Game Kit for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-01-16T20:25:24-08:00 2014-01-16T20:25:24-08:00 Heaven Apps 4 pics 1 statement for iOS is a starter kit written in Objective-C and largely inspired by the famous application &quot;4 pics 1 word&quot;, which allows the player to guess a picture out of 4 options presented on the screen. The starter kit includes documentation and the Xcode project as well as resources for both the iPhone and iPad. <![CDATA[Tongue Twisters! iOS 7 Storyboard Universal iPhone iPad - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2014-01-03T00:56:56-08:00 2014-01-03T00:56:56-08:00 Marketplace The source of a tongue-twister application that appear randomly or in a UITableView, with the ability to share them on Facebook and Twitter. It is a universal app designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. <![CDATA[Angry Hippo iOS Source Code - Objective-C | UIKit | Game Development]]> 2013-12-05T08:00:54-08:00 2013-12-05T08:00:54-08:00 Intersog Angry Hippo is universal iOS app. With this project you can create two versions of the game - full version and lite version with in-app purchases.