Binpress Products 2016-05-30T06:14:58-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Two Factor Authentication SDK for iOS - Objective-C | Security]]> 2016-05-30T06:14:58-07:00 2016-05-30T06:14:58-07:00 Smiley Brothers LTD Quickly add two factor authentication to your app. This SDK comes with a full iOS user interface and back end server. <![CDATA[DotLock Easy Controller With Spy Picture control - Objective-C | UIKit | Security]]> 2012-07-15T14:19:02-07:00 2012-07-15T14:19:02-07:00 WPTechnology DotLock implements the Android lock screen interaction on the iPhone and optionally captures a photo of unauthorized users entering wrong passwords.