Binpress Products 2016-10-31T14:08:42-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[WCSAlertController - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2016-10-31T14:08:42-07:00 2016-10-31T14:08:42-07:00 Wrights Creative Services, L.L.C. UIAlertController example with a few extra parameters and completion block. <![CDATA[SWCrawlView - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2015-05-22T09:20:36-07:00 2015-05-22T09:20:36-07:00 Marketplace This is an embeddable, interactive, customizable Crawl view made to mimic the theatrical crawls. It supports all iOS devices and all orientations. <![CDATA[Popup Photo View for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2015-04-16T12:02:51-07:00 2015-04-16T12:02:51-07:00 Markelsoft Photo Lightbox Viewer is class to easily add a popup &ldquo;lightbox&rdquo; view for showing photos. Photos can be touched and moved, zoomed and closed with any direction swipe. Includes built-in photo downloader for large photos. This package includes full source code and a working demo. <![CDATA[Weather View for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2015-03-03T12:56:24-08:00 2015-03-03T12:56:24-08:00 Markelsoft Weather View is an iOS library and control for interacting with Weather Underground's API, which gives you access to location-specific weather details. Get information such as temperature, wind chill, UV, heat index, sunrise and sunset times, precipitation, conditions icon and forecasts. This package includes full source code and a working demo. <![CDATA[Touch timeout - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2014-09-07T15:30:08-07:00 2014-09-07T15:30:08-07:00 David Condrey Kiosk timer monitors device for touch so the app can be reset to the initial view whenever not in use. The demo resets to a signup form which users must fill out to gain access to the app but you can use any view you want. <![CDATA[MGSpotyViewController - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2014-07-01T01:41:54-07:00 2014-07-01T01:41:54-07:00 Marketplace Beautiful viewController with a tableView and amazing effects like a viewController in the Spotify app. <![CDATA[iOS Color Picker - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2014-05-28T14:26:41-07:00 2014-05-28T14:26:41-07:00 MyAppControls Simple and easy color picker for iOS. <![CDATA[iOS Circular Progress Bar - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2014-05-06T15:32:35-07:00 2014-05-06T15:32:35-07:00 MyAppControls Simple and easy control to present percentage based information and progression. <![CDATA[iOS Bar Chart View - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2014-02-04T15:31:10-08:00 2014-02-04T15:31:10-08:00 MyAppControls Simple and easy control to present data in the form of a bar chart. <![CDATA[MDRadialProgress - Objective-C | User Interface]]> 2013-11-04T01:08:48-08:00 2013-11-04T01:08:48-08:00 Infinity Realm A custom UIView for iOS for representing progress indication (loading state) in discrete steps. <![CDATA[Text to Speech for iOS - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2013-07-16T14:23:07-07:00 2013-07-16T14:23:07-07:00 Markelsoft UIText2Speech adds text to speech and auto language translation for over 90 languages and 500 language locales to any app easily. Uses Google Text to Speech and Translation API. This package includes full source code and a working demo. <![CDATA[ScrollChartView - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2013-04-02T03:48:16-07:00 2013-04-02T03:48:16-07:00 Marketplace ScrollPlotControl provides users with an intuitive and easy to use data-frame picker tool. Featuring 2D data visualization it allows users to scroll the borders of the interval to get a specific statistic in between the selected values.