Binpress Products 2011-12-12T12:21:52-08:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[iNotify - easy in-app notifications - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2011-12-12T12:21:52-08:00 2011-12-12T12:21:52-08:00 Marketplace Easy in-app notification framework. Post lightweight notifications to your users to be displayed on app launch. A great way to cross-promote apps or draw attention to hidden features. <![CDATA[iRate - prompt users to rate your app - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2011-11-04T06:32:06-07:00 2011-11-04T06:32:06-07:00 Marketplace Highly configurable, minimal setup, in-app prompt to rate your application on the app store <![CDATA[iVersion - automatic update tracking for your apps - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2011-11-04T06:09:46-07:00 2011-11-04T06:09:46-07:00 Marketplace Automatically check for updates to Mac/iPhone App Store apps from within the app and notify users about the new release <![CDATA[iCarousel - Objective-C | UIKit | User Interface]]> 2011-11-04T05:31:34-07:00 2011-11-04T05:31:34-07:00 Marketplace A simple, highly customisable, data-driven 3D carousel view for iOS devices and Mac OS applications.