Binpress Products 2017-04-07T04:45:11-07:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[PHP DataForm Component - PHP | Database]]> 2017-04-07T04:45:11-07:00 2017-04-07T04:45:11-07:00 ApPHP Company Powerful PHP web control for creating and manipulating rich data forms. It enables various methods for display, edit, and update form data. <![CDATA[PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control - PHP | Database]]> 2017-03-31T07:28:46-07:00 2017-03-31T07:28:46-07:00 ApPHP Company Simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control, specially designed for web developers. <![CDATA[Translation Component - PHP | Database]]> 2011-09-17T06:48:46-07:00 2011-09-17T06:48:46-07:00 Marketplace A PHP component that allows you to quickly add multiple language support to your website. Bring in the international crowd today! <![CDATA[Zebra_Database - PHP | Database]]> 2011-02-16T03:23:00-08:00 2011-02-16T03:23:00-08:00 Marketplace An advanced, compact (one-file only), lightweight, object-oriented MySQL database wrapper built upon PHP’s MySQL extension, providing methods for interacting with MySQL databases that are more powerful and intuitive than PHP’s default ones <![CDATA[PHP Scaffold Class - PHP | Database]]> 2011-02-02T08:12:30-08:00 2011-02-02T08:12:30-08:00 Marketplace Scaffold is a powerful standalone PHP class that dynamically creates CRUD functionality for a database table. It is designed to dramatically decrease the time it takes to get your database-driven application up and running.