Binpress Products 2017-02-13T15:32:39-08:00 Zend_Feed_Writer Binpress <![CDATA[Jumpy Pets - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:32:39-08:00 2017-02-13T15:32:39-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need jump to the top platform. Collect coins and open new funny skins! <![CDATA[Clock Jumper - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:30:44-08:00 2017-02-13T15:30:44-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need jump over a clock hands. Collect coins and open new skins! <![CDATA[Double Colors - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:28:35-08:00 2017-02-13T15:28:35-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need tap for rotate blocks. Contact same colors! <![CDATA[Elevator Challenge - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:26:39-08:00 2017-02-13T15:26:39-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless game. You need tap for change position of elevator. Dodge enemys and catch coins fro open new skins! <![CDATA[Round The World - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T15:22:51-08:00 2017-02-13T15:22:51-08:00 TapTap Studio Its endless runner game. You need dodge enemies and catch coins for open new skins. Touch for change run destination! <![CDATA[Jump Over a Chasm - Swift | Game Development]]> 2017-02-13T14:39:53-08:00 2017-02-13T14:39:53-08:00 TapTap Studio Its new endless jumper game. You need jump over a chasm and do not catch saws. But you need to catch coins for open new skins! <![CDATA[Baby Bird flies in the Sky - Swift | Cocoa | Game Development]]> 2016-02-27T11:58:11-08:00 2016-02-27T11:58:11-08:00 LDGEngineering Baby Bird flies in the Sky is an iOS8/iOS9 game which is similar to the very famous Flappy Bird. You are a nice little bird who is learning to fly. The goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles (The pipes) and collect the bonuses. It is incredibly addictive, and it is impossible to put down! <![CDATA[Swift Copters - Universal iOS9 Source Code - Swift | Game Development]]> 2014-12-13T06:13:10-08:00 2014-12-13T06:13:10-08:00 MaxHype A Swift version of the top-selling game Swing Copters. It features achievements, eight characters and unlockables, as well as the same look, feel and gameplay of the original game. <![CDATA[2048 Game Starterkit for Swift - Swift | Cocoa | Game Development]]> 2014-09-12T03:59:31-07:00 2014-09-12T03:59:31-07:00 MaxHype 2048 Swift is a sliding puzzle game inspired by the top selling game 2048 <![CDATA[Candy Swift - Match 3 Game Kit for iOS - Swift | Cocoa | Game Development]]> 2014-08-10T06:16:32-07:00 2014-08-10T06:16:32-07:00 MaxHype A Universal iOS 9 Match 3 game written in Swift inspired by top selling mobile game Candy Crush Saga.