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CodersClan acquires Binpress - Future of Binpress - Paypal Errors

  • Created 1 year ago
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  • KK 1 year ago
    Kai Kiste


    i'm new to the site and did open a few weeks a go a store. last week wanted to start over to sell my stuff after i did finish to design my store, but every try to proceed the PayPal checkout process does fail with the error "The amount is invalid".

    I did already contact the support by the inbuilt support option, but it seems that Dror is'nt really there anymore, or simple not really available.

    My questions aims to: Will the site be supported and kept alive for the future by CodersClan? And if yes, how long is the timeline to get support again?

    Kinds Regards, Kai

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    Updated 1 year ago
  • JE 5 months ago
    Jakob Eriksson

    Wow, I also have issues with Paypal: "Missing required request parameter: maxTotalAmountOfAllPayments"