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Going from programmer to artist

  • Created 3 years ago
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  • AS 3 years ago
    Alexis Santos

    A few weeks ago, I mentioned to Nathanael Weiss over at Wizard Fu Games that I might be a bit jealous of his art skills. As much as I'd like to make visuals for my programming projects, design and art has never been my strong suit.

    Lucky for me, and others who are artistically challenged, Nathanael's put together a short series of videos on how we can go from plain ol' programmers to those who can make art as well. Check it out here.

    Are you a programmer that's started making their own art/designs? What helped you take that step? Or, are you still keeping away from art? What's held you back?

  • AS 3 years ago
    Alexis Santos

    On a personal note, what's held me back recently is time. When I've got spare time to build something, I'm usually programming. Taking the the time to hone art skills for little to no immediate return is difficult to justify. Still, I should learn from Nathanael and dedicate a bit of time each week.