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Love Binpress, Great Idea but, Needs More Customization Options!

  • Created 12 months ago
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  • KM 12 months ago
    Kade Markoux

    I really like and want to use your service here at Binpress but, I'm frustrated and want to go looking elsewhere because of some problem areas that I find annoying..

    • (1) Rename Page Links - You guys have some default page links it looks like and I would like to be able to rename those such as Products, Client Login, and I would rather them have say something else to my users.

    • (2) Need More Customization - I feel locked down to only 1 or 2 decent themes. I want to be able to customize it more and have a huge banner at the top. Right now mine is extremely tiny even though it should span the whole top of the page and I don't see a way to do that. I would like to see some sort of drag'n'drop builder added so that I can re-arrange stuff if I want. I would like to see html and css support added for further customization options. Without this, I feel like my best option is going to wordpress maybe... :(

    Updated 12 months ago