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What's your best tip for writing product marketing copy?

  • Created 4 years ago
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  • 4 years ago
    Mimi Zheng

    One of the key components of a component product page is the copy. How do you go about describing what your product does?

  • 4 years ago
    Travis Weston

    This has to be where I lack the greatest. Honestly, if I had a product that I wanted to make a serious go at, I'd hire a freelance marketer to help me polish my copy. You give them the guidelines, and you have them design a questionnaire to ask you how your product works, and use those questions to write the product page copy.

    It's easier when you're running a business and not doing this freelance, because any business should have a marketer on hand who already knows to speak your lingo.

  • 4 years ago
    Ben Smiley

    I usually tend to end up writing the copy myself and it takes quite a long time. I think getting a copy writer is a good idea!

  • EG 4 years ago
    Eran Galperin

    Having gone over and written a few hundred product descriptions in the last few years, there are a few pitfalls that most people fall into:

    • Don't try to be clever or overly descriptive. Say what your product does in the simplest way possible.
    • Break your text down into digestible portions. People don't read product copy like a book, they scan it. Have clearly defined paragraphs sections and strong headlines.
    • Reread and rewrite everything multiple times. Try to trim words and grammar until you can say the most with the least amount of text. Always try to simplify. Simplicity is key to getting your point across.
    • Try to talk about benefits instead of features. What this means, is to try and translate technical feature description into how it actually benefit the customer. At the same time, try to avoid getting too technical with descriptions.
    • Build a narrative - don't try and dump everything you want to say about the product all at once. Start with the most important information, then reveal more below in small chunks. People who are interested will keep reading, but give them the option to make a buying decision at any point.