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Marketing & Sales for Digital Products

Discuss marketing and sales for your digital products with other creators in the community

Best Real Estate Builders in Gurgaon

Do you want commercial space for your business, then Dial 1800-258-6600. SV Housing Private Limited is one of the Best Real Estate Builders in Gurgaon, which offers commercial projects in premium locations in Gurgaon. 83 Metro Street is upcoming proj ...

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Last post: SD 1 week ago
by Swati Desai

Send DMCA Takedown Notice

For anyone who sale digital products online (themes, plugins or any other tools), If you have to send DMCA takedown notice I suggest DMCA Sender - Fast and effective solution for complete coverage against illegal software downloads Several free tool ...

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Last post: M 2 months ago
by Migliori

Top Wallpaper Supplier in Gurgaon|D&d Interiors

To enrich the pleasant experience on your home walls by our top wallpaper collection in all over Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. We providing the entire home interior services,We works as Interior Decorator Consultant,Wallpaper Supplier, Vinyl Flooring Suppli ...

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Last post: K 2 months ago
by Kraving

How to Create Gmail 2 step verification ?

In the first line segment you have to grab knowledge why we need two-step verification in gmail. Google inc. has been introduced a very easy plate form Gmail through which we can communicate with anyone sitting at the opposite corner of this globe. S ...

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Last post: AP 5 months ago
by Allen Paul

Product Marketing help needed.

Hello, I'm new seller and we sell computer peripherals and electronics products online I have seen that the price is much lower on amazon than any other sites.(it was not possible to match even for distributor) I had research and find that some si ...

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Last post: J 8 months ago
by JoeClark

Freemium business model for software or code

Have you ever tried to sell your software or code using the freemium model? This blog post believes it is the way to go, citing Atlassian as the $3 billion example.

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Last post: 3 years ago
by Mimi Zheng

Lead Generation for Software

This article The brutal truth about marketing software products places a lot of emphasis on lead generation for the software you are selling. As a software seller, which channels do you acquire new leads from?

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Last post: 3 years ago
by Mimi Zheng

Releasing a Game for Free?

I came across this discussion on reddit on whether or not one should release their Steam game for free: Have you ever thought about releasing your game for free ...

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Last post: 3 years ago
by Mimi Zheng

What's your best tip for writing product marketing copy?

One of the key components of a component product page is the copy. How do you go about describing what your product does?

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Last post: EG 4 years ago
by Eran Galperin

How do you decide what components you put on Binpress?

Say you’re thinking about putting a new component on Binpress. What are some things you think about? Do you build a component from scratch just to sell it? Do you break components out of larger projects? What research/thought goes into estimating a ...

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Last post: 4 years ago
by Mimi Zheng