Affiliate Guide

If you are just getting started as an affiliate partner on Binpress or looking to join our affiliate program, then this guide is for you.

Learn how to set up your account, what affiliate tools you can use, how to drive relevant traffic, and how to optimize traffic and commissions.


How to set up a Binpress affiliate account

  • Sign up for a free account, then activate it as an affiliate account.

  • Send traffic to any page on Binpress with your affiliate identifier. You will find the identifier number in your affiliate account.

Affiliate Commission

Affiliates earn 10% of every sale generated through the traffic they send to Binpress.


At the beginning of each month, payouts will be sent for any purchases made 14 days prior (due to our 14 day money-back guarantee). Payouts are sent using Paypal or wire transfers.

For Paypal payouts, add your Paypal account and real name in the acocunt settings.

Wire transfers carry a 45$ fee, charged by the bank. For wire transfers, please contact us directly at to set up your transfer details.


Affiliate tools you can use


Image banners are provided common ad sizes including 250x58, 200x200, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 468x60, and 728x90. Banner images come in 4 color templates - light, dark, blue, and red.

Product Widget

Dynamically generated widgets that display one of our products. The widget shows a specific product or rotates products based on language and platform. 2 color templates are available - light, and dark.

Store Widget

A widget that creates a marketplace listing similar to the one we have here on Binpress, and can be filtered according to language, platform, and framework.

API & Feed

An option to use our data directly with an ATOM feed of our product listing, or through our API.


Driving relevant traffic

To get the most out of our affiliate program, you should send traffic relevant for the products and services provided on Binpress.

Binpress provides code products and software development services, which are relevant for software companies and developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to build mobile, web or desktop software.

For better affiliate payouts, your should target these audiences with your content.

Here are a few examples of relevant content:

  • Appcoda teaches people iOS programming through free tutorials, book packages, and iOS Starter Kit. Their content is relevant to our iOS products and they use our store widget very effectively.

  • Codecall Programming Forum has forums on programming, web development, tutorials, and a source code section. The source code section links to Binpress.

Binpress publishers

If you are a Binpress publisher, becoming a Binpress affiliate can raise your sales commission an additional 10% - from 70% to 80%.

Ben Smiley from publishes on the Binpress site and also sells the project on his site using an affiliate link to Binpress.


Best practices for capturing your audience

Placement of ads and links

The location of where you put an affiliate ad is important. Some ideas are:

  • Placing it at the top or top right hand side of a webpage where it’s most visible.

  • Placing it inside a relevant content piece, such as a blog post or a tutorial. Place it in the beginning of the post as a link, to the side of the post as a banner ad, and again at the end of the content piece.

  • On sites with various sections, target the affiliate ads based on the content, using filters for language, framework and platform. For example, on a PHP forum, use our product widget with the PHP filter.

  • Creating a dedicated page for our store widget, and linking to it from the site’s navigation.


Writing relevant content to specific products it the best way to attract relevant audience that would be interested in the products and services Binpress provides.

Some of our affiliates write their own content that have a niche focus. For example, Appbattleground focuses on how to create mobile apps. They mentioned us in two articles:

Sorin Nistor from iPDFdev was able to generate $475 from 81 visitors in 2 days. His site focuses on PDF development for iPhone and iPad, and has very high conversion for our PDF related products.

Special Promotions

From time to time, publishers on our site offer special promotions such as discounts on our products. Take advantage of such offers by sending it to your email subscribers and / or writing a blog post about it to drive sales.


Track your metrics and improve your results

You can keep track of impressions, clicks, and click through rate through your affiliate dashboard.

As you learn more about your audience and the type of traffic that converts for you, you can create more effective pipelines for generating revenue from our affiliate program. Use the tips outlined above to improve the results you get from it.

Most importantly, feel free to talk to us at if you need help!